If anyone had doubts about whether the Establishment Republicans follow the will of their constituents or prefer ignoring constituents to receive personal enrichment from anti-American globalists, the mask is rapidly slipping.

Hillary was supposed to deliver a war with Russia for the globalist agenda. Her time as Secretary of State was an unmitigated disaster for US relations with the world. The Ukraine problems were largely agitated by US activity, covert and overt. You could say that the day Trump won the US election, WWIII was narrowly averted.

But now that the American people have spoken, they are quickly being disenfranchised.

Remember when Boehner was whining about government shutdowns?

“Now is not the time to fight… Republicans don’t control enough of the government.”

First, the Republicans complained that they didn’t control the House. So Americans came out and voted and gave them a majority in the House.

But Republicans still backed down and said there was no point in fighting because they didn’t control the House and Senate. So Americans gave them a majority in the Senate, too.

But the Republicans still backed down and said they couldn’t win because they didn’t control the White House. So each year for the rest of Obama’s term they rolled over and gave Obama everything on his wish list.

So Americans elected Trump. And now, when Republicans should be ramming through legislation for their constituents in the same manner as done by Democrats and celebrated by their supporters, Trump’s fiercest opposition is coming from his own party.

Look at that feature image. Here it is again, so you don’t even have to scroll up.

McCain campaigned on a promise to STOP Obamacare. Not to fix it, or tinker with it, or make it work, but to STOP it. He called himself a leader in that fight.

And now he is a key vote in preventing repeal or stopping of Obamacare in any form or fashion. Even the heavily watered down Republican bill which pretty much just said they’re going to keep giving healthcare handouts to Obama’s targeted beneficiaries, but remove the unconstitutional requirement dictating to all Americans that they MUST buy health insurance and telling them what sort of coverage they are legally allowed to buy. Is that a small enough step for McCain? No. Denied. Apparently McCain loves Obama’s policies and doesn’t want to see one sentence walked back.

So Republicans can’t even get together enough to keep campaign promises, even when they have a President politically to their right who would love to support any weak form of legislation they can scrape together.

Republicans and Democrats – Kumbaya!

So when do Republicans get their act together and unite? When they join hands with Democrats!

Despite no evidence yet of any collusion of either Russia trying to meddle in the American election, or Trump trying to accept or support such meddling, the Republicans are charging full steam ahead and have almost unanimously decided to slap NEW sanctions on Russia, for allegedly meddling in American elections and giving us Trump instead of Hillary.

It is the first major foreign policy legislation approved by Congress under Trump, who has struggled to advance his domestic agenda despite Republicans controlling the Senate and House of Representatives. The strong bipartisan support for the bill was a sharp contrast to the bitter partisan rancor during debate over how to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system.
If Trump chooses to veto it, the bill is expected to garner enough support in both chambers to override his veto and pass it into law. The sanctions measure has already passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 419-3.
Republicans and Democrats have pushed for more sanctions partly as a response to the election allegations. Trump denies any collusion between his campaign and Moscow.
Republican Senator John McCain, a leading congressional voice calling for a firm line against Russia, said before the vote: “The United States of America needs to send a strong message to Vladimir Putin and any other aggressor that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy.”
Putin said Moscow would only decide on how to retaliate once it had seen the final text of the proposed law.
The bill would affect a range of Russian industries and might further hurt the Russian economy, already weakened by 2014 sanctions imposed after Russia annexed Crime from Ukraine.
Besides angering Moscow, the legislation has upset the European Union, which has said the new sanctions might affect its energy security and prompt it to act, too.
Is this a “Take that Russia!” or a “Take that American voters!”? The Republicans are unifying behind the Democrat fake news agenda as if it is Biblical Truth. Trump is trying to prevent war with Russia, but the establishment won’t have it. They are not only kicking the Russian hornet’s nest, but angering our allies at the same time.

About Ukraine

For those who didn’t hear all the dirt on Ukraine, here’s the story. Let’s imagine a parallel hypothetical scenario.

The government of Mexico isn’t a band of saints, but at least they are friendly toward America…more so than, say, Cuba, also in our own backyard. But imagine a military coup in Mexico suddenly overthrows their democratically elected, America-friendly government and replaces it with a Moscow-friendly occupying force claiming to be the new government. Some Mexican territories along the US border revolt and try to break away from this new Mexican government and form their own territory still friendly toward America. So Russia accuses America of working to overthrow the “legitimate” Moscow-friendly government occupying the Mexican capitol. And, oh yeah, a bunch of Russian oligarch family members suddenly end up sitting the boards controlling most of the natural resources in Mexico, shortly after the coup.

Would America say, “No, those pro-America Mexicans need to submit to their new Russia-friendly overlords,” or would they say, “Hell no! Not in our backyard! This means war!”?

This is what happened in Russia’s border country, Ukraine, with America supporting a coup of the Russia-friendly democratically elected government, and VP Joe Biden’s son suddenly sitting on the board controlling the biggest gas supply out of Ukraine.

Thanks for the handout, Daddy! I’ll make you glad you put me here!

I’m not pro-Russia, otherwise I’d move my family there in a heartbeat, because unlike the USA, Russia is actually working to strengthen the Russian family unit and make Russian government put Russians first. Life expectancies and incomes are rising for Russians.

But I can step back and observe that if you thwack a bear with a stick enough times, eventually he’s going to turn around and rip your head off, and everyone is going to look foolish who says, “It didn’t seem like a dumb idea at the time…”

Republicans Who Want to “Govern Well”

I’ve pointed out before that narcisstic individuals, so common in our time, hand you the key to their worst fears. Therefore, I propose that all the Republican talk about, “We need to show that we can ‘govern well'” reveals that Republicans are terrified that people will find out they couldn’t govern their way out of a paper bag.

An excellent opinion article by Jerry Pournelle sums up the Obamacare and Republican problems nicely, back in June (highly recommended to read in full):

But somehow over the years I have acquired the responsibility to pay your health debts, and those of refugees, and even of illegal migrants who have no intention of assimilating, and I would like to know how I got this obligation, and the state got the right to enforce it with armed men?

Yet I am obliged to give you – you are entitled – not only to emergency health care, but to health insurance, no matter how sick you are, or how strange your needs. I am even required to pay part of the cost of your sex change operation, should you want one and find a qualified someone to say you need it for proper mental health. It is not an obligation I asked for or assented to, but it is an entitlement you have; and I want to know the constitutional basis for this. Surely your sex change operation is not necessarily and proper for the health of the republic? It is not interstate commerce within any sane interpretation of the phrase. It is not promoting the general welfare.

You want it. I don’t say you can’t have it, but surely I can say that I don’t want to pay for it? And I don’t have to be totally bereft of the milk of human kindness to say I don’t owe you any health care insurance either.

The Senate is busily proving that Republicans can’t rule; they’re not even a Party. They’re a collection of losers whose jobs were safer when they were in the opposition and they could blame national misrule on someone else. They could say “We don’t control the House”. When they got that, they could say “We don’t have a majority in the Senate.” When that resulted in nothing much about slowing the train to national disaster, they could say “We don’t have the President.” When they nominated and elected a President, they could say “We don’t have enough of the Senate.” Clearly that is fudge, because the rumor is they can’t even muster a majority vote to obliterate Obamacare, a provable national disaster.

Country club Republicans were satisfied to be the loyal opposition. The Democrats slyly gave them perks for being a permanent minority, and many took the bait. The only thing likely to keep these “we can’t quite do it” scoundrels in office is the – admittedly terrifying prospect – of Nanny Pelosi returning as Speaker; they’re willing to do without most of the perks of a “majority party” – which they are not – for permanent jobs on Capitol Hill.

So here we have it: the Democrats hold fewer national and state offices than ever before, but they continue to rule. And bringing them back will make things far worse; and a bloc of country club Republicans really want to become “loyal opposition with benefits” and be rid of the burden of ruling. And a business oriented unsophisticated but very rich President can’t even get confirmation of his own team with a House and Senate majority.

I’m not down with doom and gloom, because I believe in taking action rather then merely reacting to the times. But the travesty of the Republican ‘opposition party’ shows that the America of the Constitution we patriots love is already dead and gone. Compulsory public schooling made sure our citizens were okay with that.

The American Republic isn’t coming back without a fresh revolution, and even then it might never again stretch from “sea to shining sea.” While I still love the ideas laid down by the American founders because this is my land and my people (at least all those who are content to be “American” and don’t need to be “something-American”), I aim to make sure my children and grandchildren are well set up to weather the coming storm.

This is why I continue to write here: to sound a warning to patriots and those who love the original American values; and to offer helpful advice on how to be prepared.