If you’re familiar with the original concept of the American Redoubt, you might wonder why we no longer include that strip of Eastern WA and OR. The latest news is an occasion to explain why.

I’ll give the executive summary at the outset. The legislative trend in WA is increasingly big government and totalitarian. If you talk to conservative residents of the state, many will voice or wholeheartedly agree with the frustration of, “Statewide policy dictated by King County [Seattle].”

If we go back to the original coining of the American Redoubt, Rawles wrote the following:

“Some might argue that I shouldn’t have included eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. The population densities are suitably low, and the populace is overwhelmingly conservative, but the folks there are still at mercy of the more populous regions west of the Cascades, that dictate their state politics. But who is to say that their eastern counties won’t someday partition to form new states, like West Virginia? This same factor is just as pronounced in rural Colorado. Just a few large cities call the political shots, and they have been assimilated by ex-Californians. For this reason I reluctantly took Colorado off the list.”

Image by James Wesley, Rawles. Source.

Basically, these eastern segments were originally included because the climate was good for food production, population density was low, and the local populations were likeminded on patriotic concepts. But for the same reasons Rawles originally struck any piece of Colorado, we struck WA and OR.

Recent Laws

The latest is this headline: “Gophers vs. landowners: In Washington property rights battle, furry rodents win.”

Basically, landowners in one WA county just lost their court battle, and now gophers have more right to the land than they do. Any construction requires a series of inspections for gopher potential, and if positive then development is forbidden. Fortunately, the county is working on a work-around in which a landowner can pony up and additional $42,000 as a tax to allow development to proceed. Sadly, the gophers living on the Army base artillery range do not receive this preferential treatment and will continue to be shelled for practice without any monetary compensation.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve seen some draconian gun laws being pushed in WA. A voter initiative in the most recent election approved judges to remove due process from gun owners. I’m sure it passed on some emotive form of “It will keep guns out of the hands of mentally unfit folks who shouldn’t have them.” The result is that a judge can simply declare someone to be a “risk” and have all their guns confiscated. The victim of the judge must then prove in court why he should get his guns back. You gotta admit, anything that voters overwhelmingly pass that has the ACLU saying, “Woah, that’s a bit extreme…” is a far-left trend.

Here is a warning from the NRA in JAN2017 about pending gun restrictions for WA. Basically, it looks like they are trying to emulate CA’s convoluted gun regulations, which forbid you to possess an evil-looking gun.

Then again, I’m not surprised. There’s an old joke (obviously older than the gun-control push) in which a man from CA, a man from TX, and a man from WA all meet in a bar. The TX man finishes his drink, throws the bottle of tequila in the air and shoots it, saying, “Where I’m from, we’ve got plenty of tequila.” Not to be outdone, the CA man finishes his glass of fancy red wine, throws the bottle in the air and shoots it, saying, “Where I’m from, we’ve got plenty of red wine.” Lastly, the WA man throws his beer bottle in the air, shoots the man from CA, and catches his beer bottle saying, “Where I’m from, we’ve got plenty of Californians…and I’m big on recycling bottles.”

WA may not have an income tax, but it heavily taxes the poor and middle class in other ways to make up for that. And they just narrowly avoided yet another attempt to start a state income tax, in violation of their own constitution. One article pointed out some of the word games going on, saying:

“The phrase “income tax” does not appear on the ballot title, after a superior-court judge ruled in favor of initiative proponents that it would be prejudicial to the proponents, who say the proposed tax is technically an excise tax because it taxes gross income. Instead, the ballot title simply says that the measure “concerns establishing and funding a college grant program.”

In the fuller description below the title, it notes that the grants would be funded by a tax on household income above $200,000.”

Another shared a more frightening precedent that would be set by the linguistic gymnastics to avoid their own constitution:

However Bill Gates Sr. and friends are arguing that this income tax would not be tax on income. The idea is that the tax would hit income before an individual collects the income…it will create a dangerous precedent: that an individual’s income is not considered to be his property.

So, apparently WA is a good place to live if you can live like Bill Gates. For everyone below that line, you will be made to worship the ground the elite walk upon, sooner or later.

This is not part of the Redoubt mindset.

Some Humor

Lastly, the feature image came from a humorous list about WA. Some of interest to our readers include:

  • high number of crazy cat people
  • men no longer masculine (see the image after for illustration…yikes!)
  • will be overrun by zombies
  • lots of volcanic explosions in recent history
  • high tax on lower classes
  • early pot smoking and early gay marriage (two signs of disregard for law)
  • high unemployment
  • severe political division
  • low firearm ownership
  • high property crime
  • high minimum wage

The similarities between this map and my prediction for a seven-way split of the USA are rather eerie. [Note, I never saw this map before today.]


The positives are minor, while the negatives are growing at an accelerating rate. We just cannot in good conscience recommend a secure relocation to WA any longer. (OR has very similar problems, too). The prognosis on long term freedom is, as a magic 8-ball would say, “Outlook not so good.”