This is a part II to my previous post on the Vegas shooter, but part one was getting long and I want this bit to stand out.

First, for all the liberals you might know who are clamoring for “common sense” gun control laws as if they will save us, remind them of this:

Paris has extremely strict gun-control laws, including

  • a complete ban on civilian ownership of full-auto weapons
  • for any semi-auto weapons an expanded background check of the sort the Democrats wish they could put in place in the US
  • requirement to maintain an active shooting club membership to be allowed to have those weapons
  • attendance at a gun range at least three times a year (to prove the membership is not just a paper justification)
  • annual visits to a doctor to declare them mentally and physically capable of owning a firearm

Pretty strict. No full-auto allowed, lots and lots of hoops to jump through for semi-auto to prove that the weapons are only for sport and definitely not for self defense. And an annual evaluation for mental competency to be allowed to continue owning the weapons. Sounds like a Democrat wishlist for America short of a full ban on all gun ownership.

And yet, these super-strict, “common-sense” gun control laws in Paris completely failed to prevent the November 13, 2015 terrorist attack at Bataclan killed 150 civilians and injured 200 more. Similar weapons were also used in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris in 2012.

If the gun control folks had a leg to stand on, these attacks could not have happened in Paris.

So What’s The Real Problem?

A retired LEO wrote:

In the aftermath of the massacre at the Bataclan in Paris, there were 137 dead, 413 wounded. In a city with complete gun control. Guns, you see, are tools. They have no hate, no anger, no motives, no agenda. They are inanimate pieces of metal, and wood, and plastic. It is the heart of the operator that brings to life the hate, who expresses the anger, who holds motives and agendas. A person determined to kill, will find a way. A cargo truck killed scores in France, a knife killed 2 women just this week in that country. A U-haul van was used in Canada. Fertilizer was used in OKC. Box cutters and airplanes were used on 9/11.

We have a culture problem. This is not a “racist, xenophobic, anti-anyone,” problem. We have a culture that celebrates hate, that excuses it, that justifies it. We hold no one responsible for their actions, instead we assign that blame to either an inanimate object or a third party that we dislike.

We demand that our rights be protected while attacking others’. We just know that we are right, and the others are wrong. We resort to names, that lead to divisions, and pushing them out of our circle. We live in echo chambers so we can hear our own beliefs validated, then spoken in someone else’s voice.

We surrender who we are and where we come from to create some connection to the cause of the day, to assuage our own sense of self-guilt, that has been taught to us by others doing the very same.

We have a culture problem.

So, who in America does this sound like?

  • a culture that celebrates hate, that excuses it, that justifies it
  • holds no one responsible for their actions
  • assigns blame to either an inanimate object or a disliked third party
  • demands their rights be protected while attacking others’ rights
  • just knows they are right, and the others are wrong
  • resorts to name calling, leading to divisions, and pushing others out of the circle
  • lives in echo chambers to hear their own beliefs validated, then spoken in someone else’s voice
  • surrenders who they are (Americans) and where they come from (America) to create some connection to the cause of the day (gun control, stopping racism, etc.), to assuage their own sense of self-guilt (well-to-do white folks publically weeping about their own supposed white privilege?)

If there are any liberals or democrats or Hillary or Bernie supporters in your social media circles, this probably describes them in detail. It certainly nails all the folks I’m connected to who have drifted liberal over the years.

But that list of actions above is exactly why we have a violence problem in the US. These are the ones who condone and accept violence from favored protected classes. If not for their enablement, we wouldn’t be importing violent peoples who hate everything about our traditional culture, and we wouldn’t be tolerating homegrown violence from groups like BLM and antiFa.