Every Strategic Relocation begins with a dream.

Your Dream is our Goal.

We have partnered with our original firm Survival Retreat Consulting!


A truly client centered, collaborative and creative effort.

We believe that the building blocks of an authentic and successful Strategic Relocation is made up of several distinct elements. We take the necessary time to get to know our clients through extensive conversations. During that time we help you discover your dream, define the dream, and then shape it into a logical and realistic list of criteria to guide our search team.

We can personally visit each approved property to scout and evaluate them to your exacting criteria. Upon arrival in your chosen safe haven locale the pre-scouted and approved properties are ready for your careful inspection.

When you have found your dream property, we have created a network of the finest real estate professionals that are affiliated with Black Rifle Real Estate and other patriotic brokers through the American Redoubt. Your confidentiality and safety is a cornerstone of our unique and thorough business model. We personally select every Patriot real estate broker or agent we work with, so you never have the experience we had years ago.

Once the property is secured and purchased, our experts can begin the design plans covering Water, Food, Energy and Defense, to help you retrofit your property into a sustainable retreat for the entire family. When the plans are in place our network of professionals will complete the install of your sustainability/defensive packages to your exacting specifications.

No matter what you’ll call your new property; Survival Retreat, Survival Property, Second Home, The Family Farm & Ranch or Rural Homestead, Black Rifle Real Estate and Survival Retreat Consulting will ensure that when the dust settles, you’re ‘In Position’ to live a safe and sustainable rural lifestyle.

With Gratitude,

Todd Savage, SRC and Black Rifle Real Estate Founder


Dream, Discover, Define, Scout, Procure and Retrofit.

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