Fellow Americans,

Are you trapped behind enemy lines living under the boots of Tyrannical rulers?

Major US cities and many states, especially those under the rule of socialist tyrants have become unlivable for patriotic Americans. The East and West coasts, once a paradise are now under the control of liberal sanctuary policies that harbor violent criminals and prosecute law abiding citizens.

Tired of paying crippling taxes to tyrants that use them for immoral social programs?

Tired of liberal teachers molding your children into snowflakes?

Afraid to speak openly in public about your political views for fear of being berated verbally, physically attacked or red flagged and disarmed?

Are you being disarmed or forced to become a felon when refusing to register or turn in your ‘assault’ weapons and ‘standard capacity’ magazines? 

Infuriated being required to get permits for anything and everything you want to do on your own property?

In Sanctuary Cities around the nation young children are taken in broad daylight, cartel funded illegal alien gangs roam the streets with the blessing of local and state politicians raping, plundering, extorting and murdering US citizens.

Do you really want to raise your family anymore in these filthy crime infested Sanctuary Cities?

Are you ready to seek refuge among fellow Patriots?

Flee the City and make a Strategic Relocation to Rural America! Find the freedom and safety of Rural America and the famed American Redoubt region of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The American Redoubt is the Last Refuge of the American Patriot!

We understand that many of you are tied to major cities by jobs and family, we were there once too. But, having a place of refuge for your family is paramount. It’s time to prepare to Flee the City and make your Strategic Relocation to Rural America by purchasing a property outside a small town where the freedoms of our forefathers are still alive. 

Whether you plan to have a bug-out survival property, a full-time family homestead or retire and build your dream home, Rural America gives you ultimate freedom and safety far away from the Sanctuary City. 

Living on a rural property in a Free State also gives you the best chance to survive major events such as Pandemics*, Civil Unrest, EMP / Nuclear strike, invasion by foreign powers and even a possible coming Civil War.  Better to be Safe than sorry…

Your family is counting on you to lead them to safety. Take a moment to contact American Redoubt and lead your family to the freedom and safety of Rural America!

We also own Survival Retreat Consulting, so we understand how to balance you search for the right Rural Homestead.

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