What to Expect

How we help you get into Position to Thrive


Now that you have an understanding of our Philosophy and the Black Rifle/SRC Team, you’ll need to understand how we work and what to expect from us once you make contact.

First, we offer an in-depth consulting service that is outside the realm of the free brokerage services for Buyers and listing service for Sellers. The consulting is a paid service that is truly a deep investigation of property you may wish to purchase.

Our process is fairly simple and straight froward and involves the exchange of information and an initial call or online meeting where we both get to know each other. During this first meeting, of which there is no charge, we discuss in detail your hopes, dreams and plans to ascertain whether or not we can be of help to you and your family or group. Most often both parties are well suited and we move forward to the next step.

Once the initial interview is complete the parties then sign a mutually exclusive Custom Consulting Agreement that details exactly what is expected from everyone in order to be successful. This agreement also contains a confidentiality clause to ensure client anonymity to the requested level of service.

Next, the Black Rifle and Survival Retreat Consulting team begins its’ mission on behalf of the client.


Making a Strategic Relocation is a very intense life change, as it’s not just another ‘move’, so to speak. There are many factors that most folks don’t fully consider, especially husbands. Sorry guys, we all know it’s true, we’ve been there ourselves. From first hand experience, moving your wife and children into a home 37 miles from the nearest store, is not the best move. There must be balance or failure will be on the horizon.

Survival Retreat Consulting takes extreme care to balance the needs of the client, especially when a family must have convenient access to rural small town services. Scouting and finding a property that meets both the attributes of the husband and wife can be very challenging at times.

We personally understand this challenge, as all of the Survival Retreat Consulting Team members homeschool their children and know that the most important rule of a retreat search is balance.

Local – Remote Rule = Balance

The property must meet the four basic criteria of Water, Energy, Food and Defense, and should be within a 20 minute drive to a small rural town. Normally, these properties will have a very remote feel but be readily accessible to the local services via county maintained roads.


For the spouse’s out there: Are you a bit concerned about ending up living in a small cabin without power or running water deep in the woods with camouflage netting over the roof and an outhouse?

Rest assured, most of the properties we sell to clients are immaculate homes and stunning acreage with price ranges from $150k to $2.5m (and higher), so the dream is attainable. If you so desire you can have an architecturally stunning home with a gourmet kitchen, and all the familiar attributes you appreciate in a fine residence with the home being fully self sufficient with alternative power, year round organic food production and can be blast/bomb and bullet resistant. Nobody will be the wiser.

This combination seems to bring both spouses together, the husband gets the Tactical aspects and the wife can raise the family in a familiar and safe environment. Everyone wins.

NOTE: If a remote, fully self-sustaining bunker home or cabin well off the beaten path, maybe only accessible with a snow-machine or ATV is what you’re seeking, just say so. We’ll have you in the middle of nowhere soon!

What we expect of the client


We simply request that you maintain open lines of communication with us and respond within a timely manner to our contacts concerning your specific task for which the Black Rifle and/or Survival Retreat Consulting team was hired.


When we are scouting property on your behalf and we find the perfect retreat, time is of the essence. When we call and inform you that the search is over, please Trust our judgement. Your immediate attention will be requested. Many a property has been lost due to a lack of responsiveness from clients, so please be considerate of the work we do on your behalf and respond accordingly.

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