Islamic terrorists are infiltrating the porous borders of the Western nations of Europe, and America, yet it seems the so-called spokesmen for “Christianity” are on board with the new religions of “tolerance” and “diversity.” Whatever happened to the Christian Warrior?

I’m not talking about warriors who happen to be Christian. I met some in military service, and some among the survival and prepper communities. Good men for the most part, but their warrior ethos was not about defense of Christendom as much as it was defense for other reasons…reasons likewise held by teammates who were not Christian. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a difference between Christian Warriors and Warriors Who Are Christian.

The Enemy

I’ve been hearing about various Christian churches increasingly rejecting the authority of the Bible, with some ending up promoting a warped mix of Islam and Christianity called “Chrislam.” In recent news, CAIR has come out defending globalist H.R. McMaster, which should tell us all we need to know about the man. CAIR certainly isn’t a friend of American history or tradition or founding principles.

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To understand the mindset on the other side, I highly, highly recommend checking out the story of Daniel Shayesteh in the DVD “Escape From Darkness.” He was raised in Iran, taught at the terrorist schools (including a class on beheading), was one of the three founders of the Iranian Revolutionary Army, and helped bring in Ayatollah Komeni to power. When his Islamic faction later lost to another, he was sentenced to death, imprisoned, escaped, later became a Christian, and speaks of his experiences today.

He tells of how during his entire upbringing in all the villages he traveled (which were many since as a boy he could recite the Koran from memory and was wanted at ceremonial functions), the attitude was that Christians and Jews were so awful that even to bring a glass of water into the house after a Christian or Jew had touched it would make the whole house “unclean” and require expensive purification from an Imam. When a game of chance resulted in a drawn fortune announcing that he was to someday become a Christian, that was an offense worth nearly beating the life out of the schoolmate who penned it. When he married, the most impressive thing about his assault-rifle-wielding-wife was that her most fervent prayer was that Allah would someday let her kill a Christian or a Jew.

He explains the mindset: that followers are taught never to question their leaders, that the jihadists are taught that their movement is genuinely about true freedom…though to bring that freedom to all they most bring down America because it represents the head of their enemies and the main defense of Christianity in the modern world and of Israel.

Dedicated Islamic warriors with this mindset are pouring in through the porous borders of America and Europe. It is not a hot war yet. It’s not a cold war – not like what America experienced with the Soviets. It may be best termed as a silent war. One side is positioning themselves for a killing blow while the other side strives to remain as vulnerable as possible to prove their trust.

The Christian Warrior

When I look around the West today, I ask , “Where are the Christian with backbone? Where are the men who would fight to defend the Christian world?”

A conversation about it resulted in me pulling this article to read and share, about the Siege of Malta in 1565. It is mainly built from a talk given by historian Michael Davies. It is a part 5 of 5 from a lecture series on the Crusades, and the full 90 minutes can be viewed in many places on YouTube such as here.

Christian or not, it is a critical piece of history no longer taught but well worth 90 minutes of your time on a Sunday to listen to. (When I was in college, I took a 2-semester class specifically on the history of Western Civilization. Aside from dates being in that politically correct B.C.E./A.C.E. format, the only mention of Ancient Israel was their contribution of ‘inventing’ monotheism, and the only mention of Christianity was a single paragraph in a chapter ‘Caesar and Christ’ in which it was just one of many mystery cults which had the good luck to catch on in Rome as a fad. Apparently, Judaism and Christianity now have nothing to do with the rise of Western Civ.)

In 1565 in Malta, the Caliphate leader Suleiman the Magnificent decided he wanted to push further into Europe via Malta. Problem was, the Knights Hospitaller, a Christian military monastic order, had just taken up (exiled) residence there. Suleiman’s generals took 40,000 Saracens to capture the island, including 6000 elite Janissaries, and promised to have the job done in 3 to 5 days.

The Janissaries were the Caliphate equivalent of our Navy SEALS, but with a particularly obscene twist. They were selected by surveying all the young children of Christians living in the Caliphate territory. The strongest and brightest were taken to enter the training regime on par with Spartan effectiveness. At the end they became Muslim converts. They lived solely to fight, were forbidden to have any family, and moved from battle to battle knowing nothing but war. They had an enormous chip on their shoulder trying to prove their greatness because they were Muslims from despised Christian stock.

The defenders consisted of 700 knights amongst 9000 civil defenders. The leader was Grand Master de Valette, a knight and monk, a respected tactical genius, Frenchman from Toulouse, aged 71. He had even spent a year chained naked to an oar in a Muslim galley after being enslaved by the very admiral who had arrived to participate in the conquest of Malta. In fact, Muslim slavers had been raiding towns all over the Mediterranean and even as far north as Iceland taking white slaves. Malta represented a defensive point to stop further spread of enslavement and conquest. (Did they teach you about that period of slavery in modern PC history classes?)

When the battle began, de Valette said the following to his men:

“It is the great battle of the Cross and the Koran which is now to be fought. A formidable army of infidels are on the point of invading our island. We, for our part, are the chosen soldiers of the Cross, and if Heaven requires the sacrifice of our lives, there can be no better occasion than this. Let us hasten then, my brothers, to the sacred altar. There we will renew our vows and obtain by our faith in the sacred Sacraments, that contempt for death which alone can render us invincible.”

They sent request for help to nearby governments but were told to simply hold the forts themselves. Many secular powers did not want to get involved, and some had even allied with the Turkish Caliphate for their own political and economic gain. When told that help would not come, de Valette told his men:

“We now know that we cannot look to others for our deliverance! It is only upon God and our own swords that we must rely. Yet this is no reason to be disheartened. Rather the opposite, for it is better to know the truth of one’s situation than be deceived by specious hopes. Our faith and the honor of our Order are in our own hands. We shall not fail.”

Turkish artillery and siege weaponry at that time was the most advanced in the world, thanks to all the practice they’d gotten in Muslim conquest with which to refine their technology and their skill. One soldier at the first target, Fort St Elmo, counted over 6000 canon shots in less than a day.

Fort St Elmo (rebuilt)

The Muslims pounded the walls for almost a month. The Christians were far better defenders than expected. Flame weapons ignited the Janissaries’ robes and eliminated over a third of them. Defending St Elmo was a death sentence, but de Valette found hundreds of volunteers willing each day, and had to turn men away from the terminal duty.

Eventually, Fort St Elmo fell after staggering losses to the Muslims. The Muslim General, furious at the expenditure, rounded up all the bodies of Christian knights, nailed them to crosses in mockery of the crucifixion, removed the heads, and floated the crosses across the harbor to the main fort.

What did de Valette do?

Well, if modern Christianity in America is any indicator, he decided to win the Muslims over by demonstrating the love of Christ through turning the other cheek, then opening the gates to display how welcoming and tolerant he was, and that is why Arabic is the primary language across Europe today.


Grand Master de Valette had a spine in his back and iron in his blood. He immediately ordered execution of all Turkish prisoners in the dungeon, beheaded them, loaded the heads into the canons, and fired Muslim heads at the Muslim forces.

Later, when defending a breach in the wall, this 71 year old man led the charge to push the enemy back, and refused medical aid until the area was secure.


War is a necessary evil under the Christian worldview. The scriptures tell Christians not to repay evil for evil, which means they are not to “get even” or to harm others for the mere reason that others harmed them. However, what does a Christian do when the lives of his family or his countrymen are on the line?

When an enemy with a history of bloodlust, enslavement, and brigandry is at your gates where the civilians huddle, do you preach peace and tolerance? Or do you grab your sword and slaughter every last offender seeking to harm the innocent you defend, until the enemy finally turn tail and run? Amen!

The Siege of Malta is considered a crucial point of history. If Malta had fallen, the Caliphate would have swept into Europe and enslaved far more territory. Other Christian families would have had to submit to letting their most gifted children being taken away to become the elite of the enemy. Instead, a few men stood firm when no secular power would aid them. They did it for their faith, as an act out of their faith, expecting death. And their courage inflicted losses second only to the Spartans of Thermopylae, and changed the course of history for an entire continent.

When the enemy in our midst turns to open war, what are you going to do? Where will you be defending your family? We pray you’ll lead your loved ones to the American Redoubt with other Christian Warriors!

Gather your swords, the time is nigh.