Here’s an amusing image that’s been circulating. Gotta wonder whether we’d be in the fix we’re in if parents had been teaching this stuff for the last 20-30 years.

To give you something more than just a laugh, here’s an excellent point along the same lines from a Reformed pastor in the Redoubt. He points out that debates of socialism versus capitalism usually go nowhere because the leftists compare something real to something imaginary. They have their imagined socialist utopia, which is surely better than our real and imperfect capitalism. But the fair comparison would be either a capitalist ideal against a socialist ideal, or else a real capitalist system against a real socialist system. In either of those direct comparisons, capitalism wins. Definitely go read the whole thing at the pastor’s blog. It’s both thought provoking and may give you a laugh or two with some witty phrasing.

And against any argument that socialism has never actually been tried, we need only look back at older news articles in which a socialist system, while apparently working (i.e. Venezuela 5 years ago) was hailed as a model example of socialism succeeding in action and which we must imitate. Then the system collapses (yet again) and suddenly the objection is that socialism has never really been tried. You can find this looking back at the leftist love affair for any socialist or communist republic before it collapsed: Venezuela, Soviet Russia, even Mussolini’s Italy got rave reviews in USA liberal publications before war broke out. Pick up a copy of “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg for original quotation examples.