In the past we have discussed why we choose to part ways with Rawles in our definition of “The American Redoubt” and not include the states of WA or OR. Recent news from WA is proving the wisdom of this distinction.

For a long time WA has had a Democrat legislature and governor, but a Republican senate to stand for rule of law and sanity. The most recent election has just changed that.

Family Policy Institute of Washington has a summary of the ill omens for the future of Washington. Because, unlike Republicans currently in control of the federal government, Democrats use government power to the max and then some when they are in control (i.e. the original passing of Obamacare). In WA, Democrats now control both branches of the legislature as well as the executive branch, and you know they’re not going to just kick back and enjoy victory. They’re going to use every inch to turn their ideas into binding law on the people.

Here are some highlights:

  • Quote from the governor that he hopes this new majority will allow him to do everything he’s been wanting to do but the Republican senate had blocked.
  • Goal to pass a new carbon tax.
  • Goal to pass an income tax (despite it being a violation of the state constitution).
  • Planned reliance on the Democrat-heavy court system to rubber stamp legislative actions, even if they violate the constitution.
  • New regulation on pro-life pregnancy centers to stomp them out of existence in the state.
  • Implement contraceptive coverage mandates at the state level that have been repealed at the federal level.
  • OR-style abortion coverage law granting free abortion to everyone with insurance (no copays allowed).
  • Adding various LGBTQ fictional genders to driver’s licenses and other government documents.
  • Cut off Christian schools from government funds unless they agree to abandon the biblical stance on marriage, sexuality, and gender.
  • Commercial surrogacy or “womb rental” allowing homosexual men to pay women to have babies on their behalf. This was tried and banned in many liberal countries due to the horrific child abuse that resulted.
  • Third party parental rights. Anyone who can claim to be an existing influence in a child’s life can sue to maintain their influence and contact as if they too were a parent.
  • Therapy bans on those seeking to escape same sex attraction.

That’s just the stuff they had been trying to pass and couldn’t, until now. WA is about to take a rapid slide downhill. Will the feature image above soon be representative of life in WA state? (If you don’t recognize the gate, search for the German words wrought in iron on it to find out who made it and why).