Just came across some startling graphics that will have you rethinking the big city. I knew they were violent, but you probably didn’t realize just how violent.

Do you remember when Bush was president and the mainstream media were running a daily death count for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? I wonder why they don’t put the same pressure on some of these big cites?

So, if you had to bet your life, what would be a safer place to visit? Chicago? Or the active war zone in Iraq and Afghanistan? Statista has the answer:


So as of last September, more Americans were violently killed in Chicago than in the active war zone in the Middle East during the same time span! Any changes for your travel plans?

But Chicago is pretty bad, right? It must be the worst of the worst, right?

Again, Statista has the answer:

Wow. Chicago is pretty far down that list: 17th place for murder rate. So there are at least 17 big cities in the US that are more violent than an actual war zone. Does that mean our troops are being kept safe overseas, compared to coming home?

Citizens waiting at a bus stop, Big Leftist City, USA…

If you live there, you might be thinking, “It’s not that violent. I mean, I haven’t been attacked yet…” And how does the average Iraqi feel about his hometown? It may be rough, but its all he knows.

At least in America, you can vote with your feet and Flee The City.