Two Clinton associate deaths in one week last week. You better hope you never learn enough dirt on the Clintons and their foundation that you’d be asked to testify in court, otherwise your risk of suicide appears to jump to 100%.

I’ve mentioned the suspicious Clinton death list before. After whittling down the unlikely connections, you land at about 33 genuinely suspicious deaths amongst folks close to the Clintons who had dirt on them and died suddenly under suspicious circumstances.

This past week, two more bite the dust.

First, a GOP operative looking for the emails the Russians stole from Hillary’s illegal personal classified email server (so that we Americans can know exactly what sort of classified stuff got leaked thanks to Hillary) and spoke to the Wall Street Journal about his search. A few days later, he apparently felt so bad about having spoken ill of Hillary that he placed a bag over his head with a helium hose and suffocated himself. Riiiight…

One down… how many more will go?

Just a few days later, a Haitian official on the verge of testifying against the Clinton Foundation and that its corrupt practices funneled only 0.6% of donations to the donating cause suddenly died of suicidal gunshot to the head. Would that be several shots to the back of the head?

Two down… how many more to go?

These folks who considered saying bad things about the Clintons in court or the news apparently get really broken up about it days before the event. Next thing we know, they’ll be committing suicide by running themselves over with their own car or standing under a meteorite. Or maybe they’ll just choke themselves to death with their own hands.