A newsflash just came across our feeds. US Prosecutors considering charges against Julian Assange. Has Trump turned against the man whose publications held Obama and Clinton to a level of embarrassing accountability, helping Trump win the presidency? Not so fast…

The news trail started with Washington Post and then CNN. It was then followed by InfoWars and FoxNews. What should we make of it?

Remember Who Is Fake News

InfoWars and FoxNews largely piggyback their articles on the previous reports from Washington Post and CNN. The news organizations in that sentence are organized from most trustworthy to least trustworthy.

Consider how CNN puts it: “US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange…”

Will Trump pound Assange into the ground?

Compare to the Washington Post: “Federal prosecutors are weighing whether to bring criminal charges against members of the WikiLeaks organization… Prosecutors in recent weeks have been drafting a memo that contemplates charges against members of the WikiLeaks organization, possibly including conspiracy, theft of government property or violating the Espionage Act, officials said. The memo…is not complete, and any charges…would need approval from the highest levels of the Justice Department.”

CNN has been so hostile to Trump that he has publically called them out as Fake News. They would love to see Trump’s base turn on him. The conservative base of America has seen one politician after another turn on them once arriving in DC, so why would Trump be different? It’s just a matter of time, right? And CNN wants you to jump to the conclusion that the time is now and Trump has betrayed you. Go ahead and sit out the next election in protest. CNN will thank you.

The Reality

Why is this even a thing right now?

In the lengthy research piece I did on Trump and the potential for assassination, I pointed out both the recent Wikileaks revelation of the CIA Vault 7 tools, and the meme being pushed by CIA factors that Russia hacked our presidential election.

And in the FoxNews coverage on the Assange charges, the video points back to the new CIA director Pompeo making bold claims that they will crack down on leakers, starting with going after Assange. Toward the end, it points out that while Obama liked to read intel briefs on his smart phone, Trump prefers a brief from the CIA director in person and asks tough questions.

Basically, Assange dropped the CIA’s trousers for the world to laugh at and Americans to be horrified. The CIA is responding with saying Assange is a front for Russian meddling in American elections.

Score two more points for the Trump Article.

Truth Seekers!

What about Assange? If the Justice Department, under pressure from an angry CIA, is drafting a memo contemplating charges, that is a far cry from actually taking action to go after Assange. It would be like liberal feminist at an American college claiming to local police that an evil conservative student raped her with his eyes and needs to be locked up right away. After she leaves, the police discuss whether there’s a case and what action they should take. If liberal, they’ll probably book the guy and file charges. If rational, they’ll wad up the report and dump it in the round file.

At this point, the CIA just walked out of the Justice Department offices having screamed that Assange raped them with his nasty leak publications, and the Justice Department is thinking about what to do. CNN caught wind and wants us all to believe that mean ol’ Assange will be behind bars any hour now. Someone show CNN to the fainting couch, please.

If AG Sessions leads the charge and actually goes after Assage, well then we do have a problem. More on that if or when it actually happens.

What Is A Traitor?

Sadly, cases of traitors selling top US military secrets to our enemies have become so common, you hardly see them reported on any more.

But therein lies the key difference. I’ve never even heard accusations that Assange sold any secrets to anyone. Nor does he take from the US and covertly run to US enemies. The same could be said of Snowden as well. Instead, these guys are like whistleblowers, who shout out to all the public who are listening, “Do you see these government folks violating their Constitution and rules of law?”

Rosenberg did not announce the A-bomb to the American public on a matter of principle that the US government was somehow violating it’s own citizens’ rights. He sold the details to our enemy and hoped no one would ever find out.

This inability to distinguish treacherous behavior from whistleblower behavior is exactly why we end up in justice situations today like the charges against Center for Medical Progress. Two investigative citizens record Planned Parenthood execs in all kinds of dirty dealings, selling off baby parts in blatant violation of the law. Instead of the horrendous lawbreakers being charged as a result, the investigators get hit with 15 felony charges. Kill the Messenger!

Assange is the Guy Fawkes of our generation!

I find this ‘kill the messenger’ behavior, even among guys I served with, to be both shocking and sad. Shocking, because when even the servicemen who took an oath to defend the Constitution above all hear about the command structure violating the Constitution, they side with the command structure. Apparently the ideals of the Constitution mean less to them then “winning” America’s battles at any cost, including our own freedom.

It is sad because across our civilization, it shows creeping cultural decay. At this moment, on the top of my reading pile is The Vision of The Anointed: Self Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy by Thomas Sowell. I can’t make any recommendations yet because I haven’t even opened the cover. But the back blurb seems weirdly appropriate to current events, even though the book was published in 1995, almost a quarter-century ago. The back blurb reads in part:

“In this book, ‘politically correct’ theory is repeatedly confronted with facts – and shapr contradictions between the two are explained in terms of a whole set of self-congratulatory assumptions held by political and intellectual elites. These elites – the anointed – often consider themselves ‘thinking people,’ but much of what they call thinking turns out, on examination, to be rhetorical assertion, followed by evasions of mounting evidence against these assertions.”

I’m thinking it’s going to be very enlightening reading, despite how long ago it was published.

Here’s two comedic illustrations, for your entertainment.

LIBERAL: Planned Parenthood is great!

Concerned Citizen: But look at all this evidence of their barbaric and murderous practices to earn money at the expense of women and children in need…

LIBERAL: How dare you! Kill the Messenger!

CONSERVATIVE: America is great!

Concerned Citizen: But look at this evidence from Snowden and Assange as to how American government has been increasingly violating their own citizens’ constitutional rights in the name of security…

CONSERVATIVE: How dare you! Kill the Messenger!

Seeing how many fellow conservative citizens scapegoat Assange and Snowden as the worst of traitors makes me sad, because it shows a cultural decay in which not even the conservatives remember the Constitution they claim to be conserving anymore. Who, then, will stand up for the Founding American Ideals?

The Trump Train

Before anyone writes me off as a die-hard Trump fan, I’d remind them that Trump has shown himself to be a very shrewd and wily player both through the election campaign and the recent Syria/North Korea/Russia/China maneuvers.

I don’t idolize Trump, because there’s only one man who ever walked the Earth who I put my hope in. I expect that Trump is going to let America down sooner or later, if he doesn’t get killed first. It IS just a matter of time.

However, anyone who thinks they know what Trump is up to, before he has made his move or even after he made his first move, is likely going to look silly after it turns out to be a strategic feint and parry. I don’t want to look silly, and looking closely at Trump’s plays has taught me to be extremely cautious in thinking I know what’s going on with him.

Lastly, if you see any headline coming from a MSM source, treat it with the same caution you would a supermarket tabloid. And if it is CNN, treat it like that black-and-white one that used to report on Bat-Boy and how Hillary Clinton wanted to adopt UFO baby alien, and such.

Response: Musings of a Rogue Infidel!

A worthy note from The Redoubt ANALYST (aka Senior Editor): When you see posts with the preface of “Musings of a Rogue Infidel” they are the rantings of the Redoubt Patriot. You see, he is never allowed to publish a post without my approval for reasons you’ll quickly see. He is like a free range chicken with a bad attitude. He has absolutely no tact, basic table manners, prudence, temperance and he doesn’t consider the consequences of his words, nor do we think he actually would care anyway (thus the reason for locking the publish button on his WordPress account). However, what you’ll gain from reading his musings will be the cold, raw, burning truth about some more than likely politically incorrect and taboo topic. So, please address all hate mail, death threats and other good tidings direct to the Redoubt Patriot as I won’t have the time or patience to sort thru them all. Keeping that in mind. Enjoy!

Let’s cut straight to the chase shall we?

If Trump backs AG Sessions and goes after Assange, the man that ‘handed’ the Presidency to Trump AND came out as the Hero to the Patriot movement in draining the ‘swamp’, then we are going to have a few choice words to say. For once, I’ll just shut up. Good night. <The Redoubt Patriot…>

P.S. I’m NOT holding my breath. Here is what Trump said about another Hero that risked his life to expose the dirty CIA and NSA.

Sounds like Hitlery talking?


You’re WELCOME ?