A BBC news post reveals a slice of awesome in the Redoubt, and illustrates the lies of the mainstream media.

Headline we are reviewing: US preacher’s warning to Islamic militants: ‘The women of Montana are armed.’

First thought: Wow. You mean like this?

Typical Montana swimming hole…soft targets or hard targets?


In reality, the preacher is probably talking about women who grew up on the frontier with a familiarity, comfort, and proficiency in firearms, like this:

Someone’s daughter: International Shooting Champion


But the preacher’s point in all seriousness is probably meant to show that something like “The Rape of Cologne” wouldn’t ever happen in Montana. (For those who forgot or hadn’t heard, Germany experienced 1200 sexual assaults from 2000 men, primarily foreigners and recent “refugees,” in a single night on New Year’s 2016. Six hundred of these attacks occurred in a single city alone.

At least the Montana women are armed and proficient, and won’t be easy targets.

In comparison, big-city liberals described author and former gun store owner Larry Correia as “victim blaming” on account of teaching women self defense classes for free during his time as a firearms instructor.

Fake News

While Correia’s blog post (linked above) makes for very entertaining reading, it also highlights how many lies a modern journalist can cram per sentence and still be published as a “reputable source.”

Jumping back to the BBC clip I opened with, notice that the reporter kept the bit where he challenges the preacher ‘Who’s trying to institute Sharia Law here?’ as if it never happens nor would ever happen. As if the preacher is just paranoid and making stuff up because he’s so full of hate for people who are different from him.

Yet barely a minute later, the reporter is noting with sadness how the Montana legislature passed a bill forbidding the use of Sharia Law under Montana jurisdictions. So the reporter is sad that Sharia Law won’t be coming to Montana, but badgers a preacher for being worried about folks wanting Sharia Law in Montana? This reporter is exactly the sort of guy he’s implying to his viewers does not exist.

Doing some searching for other work by the reporter gives results of other sites highlighting spun stories of the plight of poor immigrants from the Middle East while carefully editing out any details about violence.

Final thought: if the women of Montana are armed and hard targets, then the men who protect them must be on the level of Spartans and King Leonidas from “300” with their tolerance of disrespectful foreigners.