We don’t have a crystal ball here. We just point out the logical ends of the current zeitgeist, and an increasingly short-sighted public is increasingly unlikely to avoid those logical ends. As we see more and more opinion news talking about things we talked about some time ago, I increasingly wonder how accurate I will turn out to be on a “7-way split for the USA.”

So, yesterday on ZeroHedge I saw this great summary of all the folks (mostly from sources I know and trust) now talking about a Trump Assassination being more likely than not.

Remember, we hung our reputation on the line when we published a lengthy piece on the subject back on MARCH 17 (here and here). The whole thing was 24,000 words, which we serialized into over a dozen blog postings to keep readers’ retinas from fusing on day one. The serialized posts ran from MARCH 17 to MARCH 30, but on day one we posted the entire article as a web page and got links from other sites. Also factor in that I spent about a month researching and writing the piece prior to posting it.

So, MARCH 17 we go public with a massive thesis on why Trump is likely to be assassinated before making it to a second term.

Now, from the ZeroHedge summary:

AUGUST 6: David Stockman quoted on Trump being “gone” before August of 2018.

JULY 23: Big pastor preaches about inside info that Trump will be “physically” removed from office.

JULY 12: Rush Limbaugh talks about a “coup” against Trump.

AUGUST 6: InfoWars features prediction that Trump will be assassinated.

There are others not highlighted in the ZeroHedge article. Pat Buchanan just released an opinion column predicting what will happen if Trump is removed. And Michael Savage talked about it a few days ago on his radio show.

The Real Point

Contrary to the post title, this is not about patting ourselves on the back. So more and bigger sources are starting to talk about Trump’s death as a real possibility, but so what? What do we give you, our readers, that you’re not going to find anywhere else?

As I highlight in the opening line, I’m more worried about a coming 7-way split of USA. THAT is something original we give to you, and no one else was/is talking about. I didn’t have that number before writing our Trump article. But as I sat, looking at THREE totally separate sources with different agendas and published years apart, I arrived at that conclusion and thought to myself, “Wow. That’s interesting. I didn’t see that coming, but this is what the logical conclusion of the data suggests.”

Why does the 7-way split matter?

Yeah, if Trump gets killed, there’s probably going to be chaos and violence and stuff. Should you be concerned? Sure. How concerned? Well, is your neighborhood going to look like a 1%’er gated community, or a region of war-torn Africa?

The 7-way split predicts the battle lines. Every “diverse” empire in history has fractured into smaller, homogenous populations. So if you’re on the wrong side of the line and don’t look like the majority demographic in that region, then you’ve got a great big bulls-eye on your back with a ticking countdown timer underneath. Or, even if you do blend with the majority demographic but are found guilty of committing thought crimes, you’ll be purged in the style of the French Revolution before you even know what you said to merit death penalty.

The USA is going to Balkanize. History shows us there is no other solution (other than WWII Germany’s solution for purifying their populace, but who wants to go there?) You need to make sure you’re in a place where you won’t have a bulls-eye on your back before that happens.

So remember, if you see anyone else talking about a 7-way split of the USA, we are the original source for that. Looks like the next step here is to get our readers some more detailed maps and explanations depicting our predicted split.