Just when you think the news can’t get any weirder, a headline like this comes out of an SJW sanctuary. You can’t make satire out of these guys anymore, because the truth is already ridiculous.

King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle has a problem. According to The Seattle Times:

The nearby blocks host most of the city’s homeless-shelter beds and many of its social-service outlets, which draw those who need help and the people who prey on them.


Inveen told the committee about two incidents, one in late May and one in June, in which jurors were attacked in separate incidents outside the courthouse’s Third Avenue entrance. On other occasions, Inveen said, employees have been spat upon, slammed against a wall or punched.

Thinks Civil Rights activists are akin to excrement? Looking in a mirror reminds him of excrement?

But the detail that takes the cake:


[Judges] asked the county to take immediate steps to clean up the courthouse with a daily power-wash of the surrounding sidewalks, which reek of urine and excrement….

Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.

I recently highlighted Denver’s plan to freely allow public urination and defecation in order to avoid insensitively deporting violent illegal aliens who also commit crimes like that. Now we can combine Seattle’s insistence that to wash away a mess like that is racially insensitive.

Next time you’re in a violent, liberal utopia downtown, take a deep breath and smell their dream of a kinder, gentler American future. If you choke on the fumes and look for a spilled port-a-potty, congratulations! You just caught a whiff of tolerant, SJW safe spaces for violent illegal immigrants. Smell the liberal future!