If you hadn’t heard, there’s another political run that’s about to trigger leftists and set the special snowflakes melting.

I’d seen the headlines, but only recently started digging into it, and it looks set to happen with more entertainment value than Trump’s candidacy.

What’s that? Musician Kid Rock running for US Senate in Michigan, against an incumbent Democrat.

A recent article shows him gaining momentum even though he hasn’t officially declared yet. GOP elements are now backing him. And a recent poll shows him already more popular than the incumbent Democrat.

Why is he so popular?

Well, give his announcement a read and then decide if those CNN types might be triggered.

Then there’s quotes like this:

And there’s smackdown on the MSM like this:

Lastly, check out the last music video he released (guns, girls, bibles, and flags galore) prior to launching his senator site (some profanity):



This is the “Duck Dynasty” segment of America, whom Obama accused of clinging to guns and Bibles. I ask you, who knows the American silent majority better? Kid Rock? Or anybody in DC?

Is it just fiction in a clever marketing video? Well, it only works if people can relate to it.

I may not “look like” the sort of folks in this video. Nor have I ever done the stuff they do for fun (though I admit it looks like a good time). But I’ve known many people like this (only, those in the service had to meet height/weight standards). And knowing this slice of America, I know their values and patriotism are close enough to my own I’d probably be fortunate having folks like this as neighbors. In fact, my current neighbors are pretty much non-obese versions of the folks shown and sung about in the video, and they are great folks teaching me many survival skills and going out of their way to be good neighbors.

For all the bow-tie conservatives out there looking for a fainting couch due to visions of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho occupying the White House in our life time – well, maybe if you’d stood up and fought against Obamacare or the budget ceiling or anything, folks wouldn’t be turning to trash talking celebrities as a solution.

You guys couldn’t even repeal Obamacare with control of 2 branches of government? That’s why this happens.