A growing trend in the Redoubt offers hope for the future…

Since entering the Redoubt I have frequently heard Christians (local and visiting) state that they believe God is gathering his faithful remnant here in the Redoubt.

This is a reference both to Paul’s use of the phrase in Romans 11 as well as an Old Testament cycle for the Hebrew people in which “God’s people” fell into all kinds of sin and turned their backs on God’s morals, yet He preserved a ‘remnant’ – a group of true believers who lived according to His morals and did not go the way of the Godless culture around them.

You could say it is a cycle of the history of man akin to the cycle of nations (the steps in the rise and fall of a nation) in which success leads to moral apathy and degradation followed by total collapse of the culture. The Christian (or Jewish) perspective is in answering ‘What morals ought to be followed?’ Other nations have had other answers (i.e. a return to traditional morality was a focus of Plato and Confucius and some of the Caesars of Rome). Overall, it is reasonable that if the nature of man is constant across the history of man, then certain behaviors will lead to anarchy, while other certain behaviors will lead to a prosperous civilization.

I have always found it ironic that a certain high-ranking flag officer during my time of military service chastised the chaplains, insisting that religion and morality had no relation (justifying his squelching of religious pursuits among those under his command). The same flag officer was later stripped of his command in disgrace due to mismanagement and abuse of funds under his control.

Religious Growth in the Redoubt

It is one thing to hear many people express an opinion. It is another to see widespread activity supporting that opinion.

The Bible-believing church I attend has spent almost a year attempting to accommodate the surge in growth they are having – not enough parking places, not enough pews, more and more people attending the church.

But I was surprised to recently hear the pastor express that he has been seeking advice among several other Redoubt churches because many others are also struggling to accommodate growth.

If you look at population trends, it is not because the overall population in the Redoubt is surging. Some growth is natural, but it is not an overall surge within which the surge in believers is a certain percentage.

Rather, the folks who are acting in a manner consistent with their beliefs are coming to the Redoubt. The surge among the Bible-believing churches exceeds the overall population growth. This means that folks who believe the Redoubt is the new “God’s Country” within the morally bankrupt USA are moving in accordance with their views.

Redoubt Unity

I recognize that not everyone coming to the Redoubt or interested in the Redoubt is a Christian or even religious.

But I would ask even the most hard-boiled agnostic or atheist out there, “Who would you rather have as your neighbor? A Christian who, while personally disapproving of some of your life choices, respects your freedom to make your own life choices? Or jihadists and SJW’s who are willing to violently attack you for holding a different belief?”

Folks who want to tell their neighbors how to live don’t fit in well here, because freedom and private property are deeply respected. Folks who can get along with people of different appearance and beliefs fit in easily.

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a white woman who had spent time in a Redoubt city park with her children and she shared the encounters she had that afternoon. A family of black missionaries visiting from Uganda stopped by the park. The children played together and the mothers discussed the challenges of being a good mother – a human topic which transcends color and culture. The Ugandan family departed and a Hispanic family arrived. Again, the children played well together and the mothers discussed how to be good mothers to their children. But the negative encounters for this young white mother came from two different elderly white couples. One couple reacted in shock that “ALL these children are yours?!” (three kids). The other couple had several disparaging comments about how surely this young mother must be done having children with so many on her hands (though many other adults throughout the day had commented on how well-behaved her children were). After rudely insisting that she should “be done having kids” the couple went on to ask if she knew Jesus and handed her some pamphlets. The story stood out to me as a microcosm of why the US is collapsing but the Redoubt is thriving. If an SJW had been present, she probably would have made a big deal about the racial differences and made her neighbors and local guests uncomfortable. But this Redoubt mother didn’t care about race, didn’t make an awkward big deal about it, and had great conversations with other mothers at the park on common human issues. Yet the folks of the same color and culture made her feel judged and shamed for her delight in raising progeny. Fortunately, this anti-child reaction is common only in the older generations who will soon be passing on to graves with no descendants to mourn them. Many young mothers in the Redoubt delight in family.

If you’re looking for God’s remnant, there are many people gathering here under that belief. If you’d like to have God’s remnant as your neighbors, you’ll be happy here as long as you’re not the sort of busybody who tells others how to live. And if you dislike the idea of having folks who live their Christian faith as neighbors, well, enjoy the big city – it’s the perfect place for you because the folks who want to live according to their faith are fleeing the totalitarian metropolises of America.