The other day our friends at VerTac (Verretts Tactical Firearms Training) had me over for an impromptu test of a new moving target system they are developing for use with their LEO and CCW students in Northern Idaho and Cali. Although we are very busy with Real Estate clients, we enjoy taking a few hours off to ensure our skills stay sharp, as Brandon says ‘Crazy people do crazy things at the worst time, always be ready’.

Watch the Video below! The system was just built a few days ago and this was the first go around, literally. They will be doing more testing and then making changes to the setup including adding a second alternatively moving target, making the bad guy target totally covered so you can’t anticipate its movement and adding loud music so the change of direction of the targets can’t be heard. Additionally, they will be setting up a U-shaped range so there will be targets on 3 sides that are moving in and out of cover along with obstacles like parked vehicles and shopping carts to bring the real world into effect.

On another note (shameless product plug): I purchased my Wingman Chest Rig setup from VerTac when they first debut and it has solved many of the issues I was having trying to get to the right gear at the right time. After shooting thousands of rounds with the guys I came to understand that a chest rig loaded with magazines is not the answer. You will need a medical kit at some point and it will need to be accessible from either arm and FAST. Accessing your radio (NEVER place it on your back) and other needed equipment at a moments notice. Remember that 99.9% of your time in your gear will be spent ‘working’ not actually shooting, so know your equipment and have it accessible at all times.

Here is an overview of the Wingman;

The VerTac Wingman is THE solution. The Wingman was designed from the ground up to lower bulk and slim the profile of the operator. Whether your working in Vehicles, Close quarters, or Rural terrain. The Wingman Allows the for comfortable and slim lined carry of all essential gear with endless modularity for the user to customize however they see fit to complete there objective.

The VerTac Wingman is built to work by being clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system or a detachable H-harness. Most quad mag chest rigs extend past the side of armor plates increasing the users profile, the Wingman offers a solution while maintaining an even slimmer profile.

The Front M4 Magazine pouches are a straight forward, user friendly and highly intuitive design the single KYWI mag pouch is like no other. Utilizing a hybrid kydex and nylon design ,you get all the rigidity you would expect from a kydex pouch and the lack of noise you want from a nylon pouch. These pouches feature our kydex wedge insert (KYWI) that provide the needed retention to secure your magazines without the need for bungee cord for rapid mag changes.

Tired of standing in one spot shooting at a staged target? Ready for better real world training? For those of you stuck in Cali they offer private and two & three day courses in the S.F. Bay Area and will travel anywhere in the USA (in your environment) to teach you and your family the best tactics possible, even if you can’t relocate yet to the American Redoubt. If you live in the Redoubt simply call these cats and set up a time for a personal and private training session, they are happy to come to your rural property and produce a tactical plan for your family and then teach them using live fire (if the property is safe, of course)!

I almost forgot, you can RENT SBR’s and SILENCERS to train with from VerTac!

Here is the Redoubt Patriot (Rogue Infidel) testing it for the first time. Pretty good for not shooting for a few months!