You don’t need to agree or sympathize with the folks who gathered for the “Unite the Right” assembly. Take note that they had an unpopular, non-PC message they wanted to express, and note how the leftist government turned it into a violent fiasco.

I need to highlight at the outset that here at, we strongly disagree with racism (the belief that a race or ethnicity is inherently superior than others or inferior than others). That said, we do believe in the older American constitutional rights of free speech and free association for individuals.

Several weeks ago I attended an unofficial briefing on the status of Israel given by major in the Israeli Defense Force. As he talked about the current map of the region, he commented that when you see straight lines on a map (like in Northern Africa) it means that some folks in a room on another continent sat down and drew lines with a ruler with no regard for natural borders or people groups. And now the Middle East struggles because it contains states consisting of many nations and nations that have no state.

In the Q&A portion, I reminded him of the quote and asked for his observations and opinions of whether that is happening in America.

The Major did not want to comment on racial tensions, but pointed out that he grew up in New York and lived as an American until 1983 and still follows American news like an American, even though he considers himself more an Israeli today.

With that said, he observed that what saddened him the most was that when he still lived in America, the common sentiment was, “I may disagree with you, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Today, it has become, “If you disagree with me, I’ll kill you.”

(I recall the old sentiment. It was actually taught to me as a youth in answer to my question as to how there could be neo-Nazis in America back then. Freedom of speech meant they get to say their detestable bit, and if you don’t like it you can hold a rally the next day sharing your view.)

Road to Charlottesville

How did it come to the mess there? Organizer Jason Kessler, a Charlottesville native, replied to accusations that he is a left wing plant, admitting that he was liberal up through the end of 2013. His tweets still show liberal support in 2015, but his first public shift right was in November 2016 in response to anti-white statements and corrupt activities by black vice mayor Wes Bellamy. He states:

I grew up in Charlottesville… it is an incredibly left-wing commie town. So I was a product of Charlottesville. I was red-pilled about three years ago… by identity issues, by the fact that the mainstream media was parroting such demonstrably false narratives about black people being shot in the streets by racist cops even though I knew that these cops were, in many cases, not even white cops.

Kessler also blasted the media for reporting that his Charlottesville rally was a “neo-Nazi rally.”

“That’s not what it was,” he claimed. “Basically, besides preserving people’s heritage, it was about just white people being able to stand up for themselves.”

Leftist governments in the southern US have been scrambling over the last year to virtue-signal their tolerance by stripping all Confederate history from their states and cities. Pat Buchanan summarizes:

In June of 2015, 21-year-old Dylann Roof gunned down nine Christians at an evening Bible study in Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. A review of Roof’s selfies and website showed him posing with the Confederate battle flag.

Gov. Nikki Haley, five years in office, instantly pivoted and called for removal of the battle flag from the Confederate war memorial on the State House grounds, as a “deeply offensive symbol of a brutally offensive past.”

This ignited a national clamor to purge all statues that lionize Confederate soldiers and statesmen.

In Maryland, demands have come for removing statues and busts of Chief Justice Roger Taney, the author of the Dred Scott decision. Statues of Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson, President Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee have been pulled down in New Orleans.

After Charlottesville, pressure is building for removal of the statues of Lee, Jackson, Davis and Gen. “Jeb” Stuart from historic Monument Avenue in Richmond, capital of the Confederacy.

Trump wisely pointed out the next step for the leftists:

Trump defended the cause of those who gathered to protest the removal of a statue honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy.

“Was George Washington a slave owner. So will George Washington lose his status?” he said. “What do you think of Thomas Jefferson? You like him? … You’re changing history. You’re changing culture.”

And then today, we have this line:

Bishop James Dukes… is demanding that the city of Chicago re-dedicate two parks in the area that are named after former presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson. His reasons? Dukes says that monuments honoring men who owned slaves have no place in the black community, even if those men once led the free world.

Dukes is also demanding that the city remove a bronze statue of Washington on horseback that stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive.”

America appears to have reached a point in which it is ashamed of its own history. Once a nation hates its past and its founding, then it is free to be molded into whatever globalists desire.

Many years ago I spoke to an Armenian immigrant who explained to me the hatred for America and love of Putin there on the outskirts of Russia. She said that after the Soviet collapse, Americans came in and helped Russie re-write school history books (George Soros is open about his efforts here) to teach Russians to be ashamed of their history. Putin came in and ditched all that shame, told Russia to be proud of who they are as a people.

The Rally Crisis

Matt Forney at Return of Kings had one of the quickest non-MSM pieces up on what was happening. Here’s the basic totalitarian playbook from his coverage (with other sources added):

  1. Government issues “permit” to peaceably assemble
  2. Government finds out more about rally and attempts to revoke permit (ACLU smells easy money for blatant 1st Amendment violations and gets permit reinstated)
  3. Government promises police safety plan to rally organizers
  4. Government allows violent opposition group to have a permit for the same time and place
  5. Leftist crowd sourcing hires political agitators to attend, according to well-used playbook to spark violence
  6. Minimal police coverage shows up, sufficient only to keep violently opposed groups hemmed in together
  7. Violence breaks out (duh!)
  8. Government declares state of emergency, invalidating the permit they could not revoke
  9. Police instruct rally attendees to disband from unlawful gathering or be arrested
  10. Rally attendees choose arrest, instead get beaten and pepper-sprayed by police
  11. Police form shield wall and push rally attendees into the violent opposition
  12. Police depart due to excessive violence threatening their safety
  13. MSM gives constant coverage of officials denouncing those awful rally attendees for their hateful speech which definitely necessitated violent response.
  14. Leftist social media forces begin doxxing and firing as many attendees as possible.

We could add a few postscripts as well. Return of Kings owner Roosh Valizadeh later posted his take based on similar treatment of his non-PC speaking tour two years earlier, observing:

The reaction of the biggest alt right leader, Richard Spencer, tells me that he was neither prepared not qualified to deal with the events in Charlottesville. His post-mortem podcast was painful to listen to—he joked around and complained endlessly about it being a “set-up.”

Would you show up to a rally next month if led by a man who is jovial a day after one of his associates was blinded by a chemical? His actions after the Charlottesville debacle make me question his leadership, and while he may be sincere and gutsy, that’s not enough to prevent injuries and deaths getting racked up on your scorecard.

Here’s a few other tactical points highlighted in the same article:

  • Charlottesville saw the exact same story we’ve seen during [Roosh’s] Canadian lectures in 2015, university events by Milo Yiannopoulos, and spring time protests in Berkeley of coordination between the state authorities and far-left groups like antifa or Black Lives Matter.
  • This is the game as it is, not as you want it to be, so if you expect fair treatment while the rule of law applies to you but not your enemy, you will lose.
  • If you’re counting on the police to protect you, you will lose.
  • This isn’t a game, this is war. You may scoff at that comment, but if you’re going to a rally without the expectation that someone there will try to maim or kill you, you run a high risk of being maimed or killed. 
  • Antifa will want payback for the death of one of their communist allies, so you should not attend any rally unless you’re able to defend your life.
  • what to do next. Rallies and other public events should be crossed off the list unless you’re prepared to run them like a counter-terrorist operation…
  • It makes absolutely no sense to announce the time and place of your meeting for the main benefit of appearing in fake news, all to be ambushed by antifa who have nothing to lose through their felonious violence.
  • It should be clear that we have no allies in existing state and cultural institutions. They hate you and wish you would disappear, because you’re the one remaining obstacle to allowing them to permanently rule and usher in their “end of history.”

You Will be Punished for ThoughtCrime

First, there’s the already linked result of leftists using social media to dox attendees and get them fired from their jobs.

Additionally, GoDaddy just gave the white supremacist site Daily Stormer 24 hours to find a new web host. No tears will be shed here, but once web hosts begin speech-policing the web sites, where will it end? Maybe the whole web can look like Google’s workplace culture.

And weeks earlier, Airbnb took it upon themselves to delete accounts of users suspected as participants in the then upcoming rally.

You could say we saw an early version of this with NBA team owner Donald Sterling a few years ago. Publicly very charitable towards blacks (two lifetime achievement awards from NAACP), but privately doesn’t like to associate. Mistress works with opposition to set him up, records single comment from long private phone call of badgering him, goes public. Sterling was stripped of a multi-billion dollar asset under questionable procedures. Celebrities announce that all Americans should agree to refuse Sterling’s money, so that he can starve to death. The man may have been of poor moral character, but what will you do when the speech police come for you?

The closing advice from Roosh is quite timely, in light of current social attitudes in the USA:

Before you associate with any dissident leader, ask yourself if he will get you maimed or impoverished through his incompetence, unpreparedness, or stupidity. Are you following a leader with an ego or an ego who doesn’t know how to lead? Since we’re still about 2-4 years away from violence that will make Charlottesville look like nothing, you still have time to decide the best way to proceed for you and your country.

Better start preparing now.