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Area assessment and planning is a key component of determining where to establish your secured retreat location. Establishing a retreat is not enough; you need to have clear objectives for what that area will accomplish for you or for those in your network. In order to establish your secured area and to determine the objectives necessary to allow it to function, you must assess and plan. Your planning must consider varying threats, uncertainty in threat duration, and likely enemy strength. Effective planning requires beginning at a macro level and reducing the scope until all details are captured.

The work in determining areas for a retreat has already been done by people with a higher level of knowledge than myself. An example is Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation. His analysis is extremely in depth and is a wealth of knowledge, but it does not offer much information below the State level. The following principles are used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to assess the feasibility of locations for FOB site selection.

I will be breaking these tested principles down to assist with retreat site selection. The following can be referenced in a multitude of U.S Army field and technical manuals, but I will direct your attention to USACE publication EP 500-1-2, which is open for public distribution. My favorite resource is GTA 90-01-011 (JFOB 6th Edition). This publication is For Official Use Only but is an amazing resource for everything referenced in this article, blast wave mitigation, tower construction techniques, and much more.

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