The Yaak is a special place in the American Redoubt, a place to come and get away from the hustle and bustle of the many small rural towns here. ‘Get away’ from small towns? Sure! Just as sanctuary city dwellers need to get away, it’s nice for us Redoubters’ to go full ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ and head to the Yaak where you’ll find some of the most pristine wilderness and pure streams and rivers outside Yellowstone itself. The hunting is unmatched and the people are the heart of the real Montana!

Below are a few pictures of the region as well as the three small businesses in the ‘town’ of Yaak. The Yaak Mercantile where you can get small grocery items and hunting tags, the Yaak Tavern (attached to the Merc) and the world famous ‘Dirty Shame’ Saloon. There is never a bad time to visit the Yaak, but of course the summer is spectacular especially if you can make the July 4th Independence day celebrations!

Take Sunday off and relax with your family and friends and think about how your life will change once you arrive in the Redoubt!

Let’s take a look at the Yaak! Here is a quick video (not fancy) I made while in the Yaak last week during the spring melt (mud season) and the Yaak River is raging! There are a few pictures below the video as well.


Here is a nice vehicle or bike tour of the NW Redoubt region!


Get LOST in the Yaak!

Beware the bear!