Strategic Relocation

STEP ONE: Where to go?

We work directly with Joel Skousen.

If you’re unsure what the best region may be for you, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Joel Skousen, the world’s foremost expert on Strategic Relocation, to discuss your country or regional questions.

In each custom consulting package by Joel Skousen, author of ‘Strategic Relocation; North American Guide to Safe Places’ and offers direct phone or online meetings to discuss your specific needs.

The SRC team is also available to travel to your specific locale within North America, including Canada, to personally scout and evaluate properties before your arrival.

Where is your dream property?

What specific region in the country is right for you and your family?
What State fits you based upon criteria such as social, economic and taxes, political, religion and overall freedom?
In each locale there are micro-communities which will impact your overall success.  Where do you fit?

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