Five days in, there is still not an “official” narrative on the whole tragedy. But there are several odd details pulled together by others. Who scrubbed the FAA database of the guy and why? What was the “secret” life he’d been living? Why did this tragedy happen?

Bayou Renaissance Man put up an excellent post pulling together various other posts and observations on unexplained details, but he doesn’t give a summary of any of the linked content. While I encourage readers to go back to primary sources, here are some of the surprising details.

From the first linked post:

So “Mr. Not A Gun Guy” with no prior military service or training, rented two rooms, for three days, at weekend rates during a music festival across the street, from the highest vantage point, covering two different directions, in a hotel where 2/3rds of the rooms could never even see the venue because they face the wrong way, and had 30 weapons in total, including at least 10 recovered in the hotel, and had either illegally modified semi-auto weapons or legally purchased full-auto weapons (with a six- to eight-month wait for the BATFE approval on that) and ammunition sufficient to shoot something approaching 300 people, from mag after mag after mag, and took his time (several minutes) hosing down throngs of unsuspecting random strangers across the street before committing suicide, but he supposedly “just snapped”.

From the second:

And he apparently went back and forth between the two windows, which among other things, would make it harder to pin him down, or return effective fire, and if he swapped weapons at each one, they could cool off between magazine dumps from each one. So we’ve got a pretty well-thought-out plan of action for a mass murder, and we’re already at somewhere around a $25K investment or more he made in this “random senseless act”.
As if.

Further reports indicated that shooting platforms for each window were constructed, to elevate him and give him a better view of the target.

He was also a private pilot with two airplanes and an instrument rating, and his most recent physical indicated he needed reading glasses.

This was meticulously planned and executed.

And this is still one helluva lot of secret squirrel and sniper tradecraft for a non-military retired 64-year-old aerospace accountant, who needed reading glasses, wasn’t a “gun guy”, and had no notably strong political/religious preferences whatsoever.

More on the killer in the third post:

Stephen Paddock, 64, multi-millionaire, $400K retirement home, multiple properties, two airplanes, private pilot, instrument-rated, wears reading glasses, retired aerospace accountant and real estate mogul or somesuch. Divorced (for the last 27 years), no kids AFAIK, lives 90 minutes up I-15 from Sin City, but his roommate/gf/? is a 62-y.o. fililpina who’s looking like the wrong side of the portrait of Dorian Gray.
Can go anywhere he likes, do anything he likes, fly all over the country, or play in Vegas, but hooks up with Tiny Troll in Reno, in a strip club.
Likes to gamble, and has multiple CTRs for cash payouts of $10K, $20K, $30K, etc.

What would make a 64 year-old single guy, well-off, no worries but how many years before he owes the actuarial tables his own death, fast forward the whole thing, spend thousands of dollars to meticulously craft the King of Spades mass murder of the century, just to go out in a blaze of glory and then cap himself when SWAT finally inevitably comes knocking?

You have plenty of money even if you live to 99, a life of relative ease, no discernible problems of any kind, and you decide mass murder-suicide is the way to spend a weekend in Vegas at an age when most people aren’t even sure they can afford to retire yet.

And then there are the questions. About a hundred or so, so far.

How does an accountant get rich and retire early?
Real estate how?
Why gamble huge sums? Accountants, Steve Martin’s old schtick notwithstanding, are not known for being “wild and crazy guys”.
Instrument-rated pilot? A detail-oriented guy, not somebody who’d take stupid chances.
And why two planes? He can only fly one at a time.
Why live in Mesquite, on the AZ/Utah border, 90 miles from Vegas?
If you live in Mesquite, and Vegas is an hour and a half by car, or half that by plane, what are you doing in a strip club in Reno?
And why is a retired multi-millionaire in the promised land of Sugar Daddies and hard-bodied young sugar babies hanging out with a shriveled old dealer who looks like she should be the maid on Golden Girls reruns?
Why does “not a gun guy” suddenly have dozens of weapons?
Why modify one or more to fire at near full-auto rates?
Why get interested in explosives, and have ammonium nitrate in your car trunk?
Who gets interested in sniping and mass murder after a career handling nothing more fearsome than a pencil (outside of a Dilbert cartoon)?
What accountant moves 27 times?

From the fourth:

But that’s not all.
The floor layout… also shows that the presumed shooter had a 30-50 yard straight corridor, from his suite doors all the way to the elevator tower in the Mandalay Bay. That’s a kill zone, boys and girls. Fish in a barrel.

And the guy reportedly shot or (shot at) a security guard, early on.
(Yet it took the police 72 minutes to figure out “which room”. Hmmmmm.
Once again, the bullshit points in different directions.)

But he’s supposed to have suddenly gotten shy about taking on SWAT inside a perfect elongated kill zone tunnel, after capping 600 people across the street? And instead suck-started a gun to himself?

He had time to set up two sniper perches inside the room, and enough furniture in a suite and two rooms to build a sailboat, and the main suite double doors look straight down that corridor, but Mr. Meticulous Mass Killer, who knew he was never getting out of this alive, never thought about blockading the doors and setting up a reception for the inevitable police response???

Yeah, I smell fertilizer piling up there, too.

He had multiple weapons, presumably plenty of ammo left, including .308 semi-auto rifles.
LV SWAT would have been pigeons in a shooting gallery coming up that hall, long before they got close enough to flash-bang anyone. As they’ll tell you in a heartbeat, if anyone asked ’em. One guy with that much firepower would’ve made a breach-entry team pay dearly for trying it. In a bodies-stacked-in-the-hallway way. I promise you. They’d have needed M-203s with HEDP grenades to take him (and half the floor) out. It would’ve looked like house-to-house in Fallujah. And he’d have killed 3-10 more cops before they got him.

Their room assault (unless they’d rappelled into the outside windows from above) would have looked like Leon taking on NYPD ESU in The Professional.

Yeah. As I was reading this and looking at the floor layout, that was actually exactly the movie scene that came to mind. It’s a pretty spectacular climax in the movie, in which the crooked cop brings in the entire police force to try and eliminate the hitman and the innocent little girl he’s protecting and cover his crooked tracks. The SWAT are all in a long hall and the hitman (in the room at the end of the long hallway) takes down several dozen before the cops basically bring in an RPG and blow the room to smithereens.

This is also the weirdest part of the whole story. The killer is set to easily wipe out dozens of cops and make them pay dearly for trying to make it down the hall. Yet even as he coldly massacres hundreds of civilians he suddenly loses his backbone and eats a bullet when the police arrive instead of making use of all the meticulous setup he arranged for getting just as high a kill count of cops? That just doesn’t add up. Was someone else there who made the killer “suicide” before he could hurt anyone on the government team?

The sixth post in the series finds the same thing:

So, in pondering things pretty much non-stop at the moment, it’s come out that Mr. Mass Shooter had rigged cameras to his peepholes, and in the corridor, including one concealed on a food service tray in the hallway.

And in looking at the emergency diagram I showed you earlier, this hit me:

The door to the emergency stairwell in his wing is right across the hallway from the door of the adjoining room he rented.

In short, any approach to his room other than rappelling from above he could see coming.
He could put effective fire on both approaches. From behind cover. Until he ran out of ammunition.

Short of rappelling down, or explosive breaching through room walls, he was untouchable.

And despite shooting up 600 people outside, and being able to view the corridor and stairwell approaches, he made no attempt to repel the approach of SWAT officers, despite ample time, resources, and demonstrated ability to plan for the obvious and inevitable.

So, who would shoot up 600 civilians (including a couple of police, off-duty or inadvertently) but not make any effort to shoot the police who inevitably came knocking, 72 minutes after the rampage kicked off?

And why wouldn’t someone allegedly just trying to notch up a score (because no reasons) do that…??

The fifth link from Bayou Renaissance Man carries the FAA bombshell:

Another question you might want to ask. If you look at the website, and search a tail number, in this case N5343M you will see that the N number belongs to a SR 20 that at one time it was registered to Stephen C Paddock of Mesquite TX and Henderson NV. Our shooter. You will also see that it is currently registered to a company out of Roanoke VA named Volant LLC. A company that works with the “Defense/Intelligence” community per their website. Wait it gets better. The registration is listed as active. Don’t worry that it shows the last flight for the Aircraft 3 years ago. They only show the flight when a flight plan is filed. Flightaware pulls their data directly from the FAA registration database, so it should be accurate correct? Now the interesting part, if you go to and put the same tail number into their search engine N5343M, you will find that the FAA says the n-number is inactive, and the last registration was a C152 (different aircraft) to some guy in San Diego CA. And no mention of the current registration by Volant LLC, or Mr Paddock. The FAA database is updated every business day at midnight. So, it looks like someone ether scrubbed the FAA database and forgot or didn’t know that flightaware posted the same info, or someone at flightaware is playing a big trick on everyone and putting false information in their database. All I know is the name of Stephen C Paddock now has something in common with a spook outfit. Interesting.

So someone had the power to scrub the FAA of flight records but missed a civilian mirror of the FAA data. And one of the planes the guy owned is connected to a defense/intel company in the same area as all the government intel agencies. Combined with all the questions about the crazy money this guy had, and the elite setup he had for maximum killing, the sudden “suicide” just doesn’t make sense. And for the amount of planning involved, the “just snapped” motive definitely doesn’t fly.

The final post adds a bit more along those lines:

But every new revelation, like who he worked for, which the FBI “forgot to mention”, and working through the timelines and physical layouts of the details of this shooting, his sketchy background, quiet rich guy no one thinks about personality, disappearing for months at a time, piles of money, overseas transfers of large sums of cash, multiple houses but all sparsely furnished, and on and on and on, keep pointing to a planned complex operation by operatives, not a random act by a lone individual with a screw loose. Certainly not a lackluster retired 64-y.o accountant.

There’s a metric fuckton of secret squirrel agency-type tradecraft going on in this, from the minute it happened to now.

So, when was that suite reserved?
When did he begin purchasing the guns, etc. used in the attack?

This thing was put together over months, maybe a year or more.

Pick it apart, and show me I’m wrong, using facts in evidence.

When it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…

And following up on an earlier comment added to my last post, one of Paddock’s airplanes, or former airplanes, tail number N5343M, was an SR-20, in production since 1999, and retails for $390K. Everybody’s got a spare $390K, right? No word on what Paddock’s other plane is.

It’s now registered to Volant Associates, LLC (you should check out their website, and read the “Careers” page, to see if you get a whiff of Christians In Action as strongly as I did). The tail number is active, yet apparently, the plane has recorded not a single registered flight in the last three years. Pssst! Say, just wondering, who can double-register tail numbers, and make flight records go away? Asking for a friend.

At this point, I’m wondering if the shadow government set up a spook op and eliminated the spook, Lee Harvey Oswald style, because they are trying to get a gun-control agenda back on the rails since Hillary lost. Once the populace is disarmed by their own frightened neighbors, the sort of resistance to tyranny you see amongst Trump supporters will be much more difficult.