George Orwell warned us back in 1945 of the abuses of government in his book “Animal Farm.” It’s unlikely it is even read in schools anymore, lest the next generation be warned. And today we see many examples of government people above the law, like the latest news about Florida tax collector policy.

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A brief summary of Orwell’s book is that the animals successfully revolt against a cruel human farmer and seek to govern themselves, with a key maxim of, “All animals are equal.” Yet as time goes by, one animal with control of power and lethal force (the dogs obey him) begins to advance himself and his inner circle while abusing and harming his “fellow” animals, all while covering it up with all sorts of propaganda. Sadly, most animals believe the propaganda and the whole farm goes from believing, “All animals are equal,” to “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others,” justifying the privileges the ruling animals take but do not allow to any others. In the end, the ruler and his inner circle are nearly indistinguishable from the farmer they originally overthrew, and some scenes suggest they are actually even worse in their treatment of the rest of those living on the farm than the original farmer ever was.

No Guns for You…

So Seminole County in Florida has just announced that their tax collectors will be allowed to open carry firearms, even though residents in Florida cannot legally do so. From the article:

Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg told the Orlando Sentinel that according to Florida law, he and his employees are considered “revenue officers” and are exempt from the state’s ban on the open carrying of firearms while performing their duties.

Notice, the masses are forbidden to open carry, but now government workers (other than law enforcement) will be exempted and permitted to open carry. Florida has gone from a US Constitution stating “All men are created equal” and giving those men 2nd Amendment rights, to banning those rights for most and granting them only to the government. Apparently in Florida, “All men are created equal, but some Americans are more equal than others.”

What’s New?

You may remember a news article from the campaign trail in 2016 in which Hillary got a free pass on breaking laws other New Yorkers would be punished for. Apparently, a New York law specifically forbids campaigning on subways, yet when Hillary showed up with entourage for a campaign promotion on the subway, it was “Go right ahead.”

But this is nothing compared to her mess with a private email server for handling classified emails. Ask any veteran or military member with a security clearance what would happen to them if they goofed up in the slightest when it comes to classified material security, and they’ll tell you she got a free pass on blatant violation of law that none of them would be forgiven for.

I know several folks who accidently forgot to leave that smartphone with camera in the car before walking through the security gate. (And good luck trying to find a smartphone without a camera these days. And, no, destroying or removing the camera is not good enough.) For all of these folks: clearance revoked, fired from job, good luck ever working with classified material again in your government career.

I know of another guy who after pulling an all-nighter at his post, his brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders and he accidently walked into the checkpoint with classified material. He’d simply forgotten to put it down in his office as he headed home. The guards caught it and prevented the loss, and the command believed him that it was an innocent mistake. But his clearance was revoked and his career still ended immediately in disgrace. That they believed it was an innocent mistake is the only reason he didn’t do hard time. And that was at a far lower classification level than anything the Secretary of State office was dealing with.

We could pull example after example of how the ruling class seems to be above the law and egregious violations are ignored, like senator Kennedy “forgetting” to inform police that he had killed a woman when he crashed his car in Chappaquiddick. Senator kills a woman? No worries! You may not be presidential material now, but you’re free to keep writing laws for the rest of us.

This pattern of “some Americans more equal than others” will only end in one of two ways. Either the masses submit to the tyrannical rulership, like the ending of Animal Farm, or else another revolution begins, like the beginning of Animal Farm and the beginning of America.