Why are we posting a resource relating to bridges and tunnels in the US and specifically the American Redoubt? It’s a source of Intel allowing you to either pre-set your bug-out route to your retreat in the Redoubt, or to help choose your retreat location well behind major bridges and tunnels.

Many terrain features are fairly easy to navigate when traveling on foot, however you should ensure that your route is based upon some type of ground vehicle (enduro style motorcycle are one of the best).

Fact: Bridges and Tunnels are a tactical nightmare for the traveler. They are perfect ambush points for locals to keep both refugees and roving bands of criminals from entering the region.

Fact: Tunnels, if not occupied are excellent shelters while traveling, especially railroad tunnels, as they will most likely be abandoned after the collapse.

The following resources will help you plan your route. After searching these sites and completing your own research you may conclude that not living full time at your rural farmstead in the American Redoubt is at best a foolish choice, and at the worst, brings the demise of you and your loved ones. They are counting on you lead them to safety. Most times this is not a literal statement. Move to the Redoubt now.

Here is a map of EVERY bridge longer than 20 feet in the United States.

Here is a public domain Resource for both Bridges and Tunnels in the entire United States. (start with this resource)

Here is a resource that details all of the Historic Bridges in the United States with detailed information. This website also allows detailed county research for choosing your property location.

The Bridge Hunter.com website also allows you to drill down to VERY detailed maps and location data for the bridges that concern your search. (Note: this site will not have every bridge in a certain area, but it’s a spectacular resource)






The image below represents the bridges in between you and your destination!

Image courtesy of the WP