Here is the heart of relocation planning.

We’ve collected various 3rd party resources we found useful for deciding on a retreat location in the American Redoubt. We provide some explanation on how to use and read the resources, and when they might be important to you. We also provide links to the original source for each resource, so you can go there and get the full experience to as much detail as you need.

Resources are organized in the same categories as our logo.

Moving clockwise:

  1. Water. This is the first and most important resource. Water is Life.
  2. Energy. Specifically, alternative energy.
  3. Food. Abundant Water + Alt. Energy = Year round Food Production!
  4. Defense. Once you have the first 3 resources in place, you can care for your family and have reason to stay and defend your property.

Additionally, FINANCE is akin to a level-zero resource. Without funds, you won’t be doing much of anything; not developing the retreat, or even buying the land in the first place.

After all these, we added an OTHER category to catch any other key resources that don’t fall neatly into the main categories.

Start reading wherever you have interest. If water rights are the top concern for you, go there. If 2nd Amendment is your biggest issue, start there. There’s no right way to work through this; only the way that’s best for answering your particular concerns and helping you ensure you’ve covered all key areas, even if you hadn’t thought of some.