Waterways are referenced on many different resources. For example, if you use the USDA Interactive Plant Hardiness Map with the settings we recommend, major waterways will be visible and named as well.

However, it helps to have a quick bird’s eye view of major waterways as you look for locations near water. Thus, we have added a series of state-level maps highlighting the major lakes and waterways with which readers can familiarize themselves as you look at other major map resources as well.

Keep in mind, there are countless local springs and streams too small to pop up on most maps even at the county level. So, just because a retreat property is not along one of these labeled waterways does not mean it lacks year-round water sources.

A good rule of thumb even down to the specific property level is that named waterways (including creeks) tend to be a year-round flow, while unnamed creek-beds are likely seasonal.


Idaho Waterways

source: geology.com


Montana Waterways

source: geology.com


Wyoming Waterways

source: geology.com