Part XII: Invasion Risks

Think back on how bloody the first civil war was, and then think about what a six or seven-way blood feud is going to look today.

But in today’s global climate, don’t you think America’s enemies would be happy to come and feast on the carcass? And America at that point would not be the America who fought and won a 2-front war in WWII (3-front, if you count that the Army and Navy would not cooperate in the Pacific Theater.)

Barnhardt warned of this foreign risk in her prediction. The warning is that the Marxist blue state territories WILL fail because their narrative about how they wish reality should be will fall flat when reality hits them without all the red states to carry the load. But when they fail, they’ll come crawling to the true American territories begging for a bailout. And we’ll want to say, “You made your bed, now sleep in it!” But they won’t suck it up and live with their consequences. They’ll turn elsewhere for a bailout. And who’d be more than happy to help them than our major adversaries?

China has already been buying huge sections of American property, including an attempt to buy the Chicago Stock Exchange. Dubai attempted to buy 22 American ports a decade ago.

I have doubts about theories with Russia, given the latest current events. Putin has made a reputation for himself as a nationalist, which opposes globalist agenda moves. Russia has been quite restrained despite actions by Obama and Clinton to push a war, all while RINO’s beat the war drums in the background. Would Russia take advantage of America given the chance? I don’t doubt it. Maybe they’ll finally grab Alaska.

However, China is more diametrically opposed to traditional American values as was Soviet Russia. China already has practice in depopulation of its own people, and is a far better power player to serve globalist interests. Theories involving Russia working for globalists would first need to account for Putin’s nationalist moves inside his own country. But if China is on a real estate buying spree, it would be easy enough to buy ports in Mexico and enter America from the south, akin to the Soviet/Cuba situation in the 1960’s.

Trump is the glue holding back the American Saxons from diving in and meeting the violent left on its own terms. If he is removed, it’s game over for America.

How might China gain a foothold on American soil?

This is the longshot prediction because so much more can happen to change the course of events between here and there. I would argue that the Balkanization is unavoidable, and the civil war WILL come. But depending how those battles play out, elements of the following may or may not come to pass as predicted.

There’s already been talk criticizing Trump’s stance toward Mexico because Mexico as a result is getting friendly with China.

China is amassing wealth all over the world: major property, infrastructure, etc.

Let’s say we see a 7 way split of US territory as predicted above. (Russia gets Alaska as an 8th territory. Who knows about Hawaii?) If Mexico is already aligning trade with China, and the US states on the Mexican border basically become colonized ‘New’ Mexico, then deals with Mexico would likely cover that slice as well.

Likewise, I think Barnhardt is right about the forecast for the Marxist states. California might break in half, with the south half joining the reclaimed Mexico territory, and the north half joining the liberal Blue PacCoast. So when (not if) the Marxist policies in total opposition to reality ultimately fail, they’ll beg for a bailout. The two remaining true remaining Patriot regions would be the American Redoubt (Idaho / Montana / Wyoming / Utah) and the Red NE, divided by the blue liberal northern states as a single territory. The three Marxist regions would be New England, Pacific Coast, and Blue North. Those three regions would need a bailout. If the American Redoubt and Red territories are slogging through civil war, they likely can’t afford nor would want to bailout the Marxist territories they’ve been fighting. So the Marxists turn to China, assuming Chinese currency still has value in that year.

China could make a deal for exclusive trade with those territories. So they trade with China in lieu of former fellow US states. This creates economic isolation on the final American states akin to what we currently do to Iran via trade sanctions. Additionally, China may be willing to supply the three blue territories with weaponry to continue aggression with the two red territories.

What about the South territory? If the current behavior of BLM is any indicator, then the South territory will become a war zone indistinguishable from any war-torn country in Africa, which even the highest bidding nation wouldn’t be able to keep control over.

Canada would likely remain an neutral party on the Northern border.

Never Give Up!

The American Redoubt is bigger and has more resources and more defensive terrain, which means it will likely be the last refuge of the American Patriot since the sister territory in the east won’t last long. The American Redoubt could then be flanked both economically and militarily, but will surely be the last stand of the Patriots. Could we survive and come back from such a scenario? We may yet find out. Stock up and keep your powder dry boys!

Then the US guts itself in civil war, and our foreign enemies arrive in time to figuratively loot Uncle Sam’s corpse where it lies dead on the field of battle. China now controls large swaths of formerly American infrastructure, without using those overly destructive weapons of war. The USA as 50 United States was powerful. But smaller territories hurting from bitter conflict will not be a world influence anymore. They’ll be small players on the world stage akin to any single country in Europe or the Middle East.

What hope do you have, as a true American Patriot who still believes in the Founders’ dream?

Give the best life you can to your children and perhaps grand children. Get yourself to a self-sufficient and defensible piece of land in the American Redoubt, build community connections, and be ready to survive as long as possible without the luxuries of the current national production industries. America the Beautiful stretching from Sea to Shining Sea may at that time be a chapter in the history books, but if neither you nor your children are facing famine or war on your local turf, then you’re in a far better place than those in the sanctuary cities.

How can you safeguard your family and get into position?

Everything is farfetched until it happens. A major earthquake, stock market crash, tsunami, socioeconomic crash and of course an assassination and foreign invasion. This country will inevitably face destruction on a scale never before seen. It matters not when; it only matters if you’re ‘in position’ to survive.

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*This article was written and edited by the ‘anonymous’ Redoubt Analyst. He made his Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt fleeing the Sanctuary Cities of the East Coast and is now raising his family in the freedom of Northern Idaho.