Part IV: The Internal Destruction of the United States?

Communist Takeover = Progressive Alt left agenda…do these goals sound familiar? If so, it’s because the same root ideology underlies all tyrannical attempts to wield absolute power over other people’s daily lives.

Have they won already? Sure looks that way!

Here’s a picture from 1937, typical of that time despite the Great Depression (source):

Original Caption: Tip Estes, Indiana hired hand, with four of his nine children. Near Fowler

It’s part of a series of about a dozen photos on this family, part of a larger government project from that time. Notice a few things:

  • He’s a hired hand, yet he owns his own farm and has time to work it and maintain it.
  • He has nine children. Those in the photos all appear healthy, happy, and well cared for.
  • While the décor is not lavish, it is not nearly as bad as recession-stricken areas today like Camden, New Jersey.
  • This man can afford to be a sole bread-winner providing for a wife and nine children, and he’s not some elite banker or business executive.
  • In this era, this man was the respected head of his household.

In America today, few families own their own home, let alone a productive piece of land which can give them a supplemental income or feed their families. Dual income is a must for most families, and mothers rarely have the luxury anymore of raising their own children at home. Parents rarely marry, and out-of-wedlock births are normalized. Families are treated as irresponsible or careless if they have more than 2.1 children. And for Valentines Day in America in 2017, the NYT actually ran a serious op-ed titled “Husbands are Deadlier than Terrorists” stating the following:

Above all, fear spouses: Husbands are incomparably more deadly in America than jihadist terrorists.

And husbands are so deadly in part because in America they have ready access to firearms, even when they have a history of violence. In other countries, brutish husbands put wives in hospitals; in America, they put them in graves.

As for the décor of Tip Estes’s home being not too shabby, consider the disintegration of Camden, NJ.

Here’s a few samples, but go look at the whole set.

Camden, 1951, longtime manufacturing hub with strong economy. Heavyweight champ Joe Wolcott strolling the boardwalk.

Camden today:

And on the subject of the success of blacks, how have their lives changed as the Elite agenda has unfolded using them as pawns?

How Black Lives Mattered in Columbia, SC, 1955.

How Black Lives Mattered in 1939. Original Caption: Student with recreational director during basketball game. Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama

Blacks burn their own neighborhoods down to protest the actions of police in 2016. They should be attacking the Alt-Left Elite for turning them into pawns, not the police who enforce the rule of law.

Is this the behavior that Martin Luther King would have wished from young black men in his time? Would he be embarrassed and ashamed of this disrespect for the country and terrorism committed by America’s black youth?

Blacks showing respect for the rule of law in 2016.

I actually know a liberal who had the job of overseeing childcare for the big Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle that was interrupted by BLM. She later reported to acquaintances the fear and horror as she and other workers barred and held the door while BLM activists pounded on the door and demanded that “all those white children be turned over so that they can get what’s coming to them.” Yet she still says she does not oppose BLM. In hindsight, she cannot connect the dots, and really thinks that if only they better understood how “not-racist” the Bernie supporters are, maybe BLM wouldn’t have acted that way.

If Black Lives actually mattered to blacks, then why is there so much black on black crime and are they being used by the Alt-Left? When will the black community begin the narrative and seek the truth about how the Elite (CIA) introduced drugs and abortion into their communities to keep them oppressed? Wait, why doesn’t the Alt-Left media report about this? The answer! Because they are the Elite Racists! They use and exploit ALL people of color to meet their sick agenda and then dump them in the gutter when they are done with them, leaving these good people in worse conditions than when they started.

Don’t believe blacks are target by the Elite for mass murder and political gain? Then take these next two pictures into consideration, do your own investigation and call me in the morning!

Soros is the King of the Alt-Left Elite that hates the black community!

Hitler Was Pro-Choice

In 1933, when the Nazi’s came to power, the law was changed to legalize abortion and make this a matter of decision for a medical review board. The development of Germany’s abortion policy was left to the county’s most vociferous abortion advocacy group, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians. This group, which advocated abortion on demand, determined that “The health of the mother – considered from all angles – is the decisive factor.” Then, just as now, health of the mother criterion was loosely understood to mean any economic or psychological affect on the woman’s total well being.

There were approximately 500,000 abortions annually in Germany under the Third Reich, a country of 60 to 70 million people. And, in Nazi Germany, racial stock was considered an aspect of the health of the mother. If she was from an “unhealthy” race, such as Polish, Czech or Jewish, then she was often forced to have an abortion against her will. However, race wasn’t the only consideration. Hitler actively promoted the destruction of the crippled, poor and unemployed classes, as did Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Abortion led to forced sterilization, which led to “euthanasia,” which led to Auschwitz.

Want the facts? Click on the graphic to visit the website. Not for children’s eyes!

What did Obama do for the diverse population of America? NOTHING. Period. He is part of the Elite, he doesn’t give a damn about black people.

Why can’t blacks be affluent like the picture of Camden in 1951? They can be if they stop watching the Fake News being controlled by Soros and break away from the paradigm of enslavement that the Elite have woven into their society. The Elite hate them. That’s the TRUTH!

Tomorrow: Part V: How’s American civilization looking now?