Part II: Establishment Workings

Is there an “establishment?” If there is, then what we are talking about would involve individuals on both sides of the political spectrum working together to engineer an outcome.

One of the most recent and interesting iceberg tips comes from looking at the rise and fall of Milo Yiannopoulos, a former senior editor at Breitbart News (up until recent scandal).

There are two ways of looking at the rise of the strange personality of Milo, and it depends on whether you think he tells the truth about himself.

Milo (if Honest)

If he is telling the truth, then Milo rose to notoriety by being one of the only journalists to actually give neutral coverage of the GamerGate controversy.

For those not plugged in to electronic entertainment, Gamergate was a battle over integrity in news media in late 2014. It began when it was spilled by a jilted ex-boyfriend and game journalist that a particularly terrible game designer (Zoe Quinn) and her products (i.e. Depression Quest, a “video game” with no video elements and no game elements which helps the player explore the woes of clinical depression – woohoo, sign me up to be entertained by that in my leisure time!) only got positive reviews through the large number of journalists she was sleeping with. It turned out to be the tip of the iceberg but all discussion was shut down and censored, even on politically incorrect sites like Reddit, and then nearly every game news source simultaneously launched articles attacking their prime readership as backwards misogynistic hatemongers. A subsequent leak revealed pre-planned coordination between the publications for the series of articles in order to browbeat their readers into accepting the journalists’ political agenda.

If this sounds familiar, its because we’re now seeing the same pattern for the sixth time (GamerGate being the first) now at the national political level with all the discussion of fake news.

Left-leaning sources continue to paint the entire GamerGate saga as an episode of mass misogyny by hateful intolerant commoners who won’t get on the right side of history. Supposedly, anyone (male or female) who wants female characters in their entertainment to be extremely feminine must hate females. And now on the national scale, if you didn’t vote Obama and you don’t cheer for the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter it can only be because you are an uneducated racist who’s likely to lynch the next black person you meet. The Alt-Left are such morons.

You might be asking, “I don’t care about video games. Why should I care about GamerGate?” Well, because since then you might have noticed that the NFL has crammed in so many pink ribbons and discussions of breast cancer and the woes of domestic violence that you’re left wondering, “Why does the NFL spend so much less time on football now?”

You’re now supposed to be thinking about something other than football and love of the game.

Answer: because the same progressive religion wants to make every entertainment outlet of yours, whether games or rock music or sci-fi/fantasy books or movies or football, stop being about entertainment and instead lecture you about the necessity of having politically correct thoughts. Maybe that also explains ESPN’s rapidly dwindling revenues.

Kneel before your new Goddess.

So Milo got his start giving honest coverage of a free speech issue that was important to the average Joe when every other media source was working overtime to smear or censor the discussion. His defense of conservative values and free speech catapulted him into the limelight as he was invited to speak all over the country in defense of the same values underlying Trump’s rise to power. His odd personal quirks like being openly brash about his homosexual love of black men only augmented the demand, since here was a guy who should be playing the victim card (immigrant/mixed-race/homosexual/victim of sexual assault/raised by single parent) at DNC rallies and instead is defending conservatism.

It’s a lot like conservatives rushing to get speaking engagements for that one white guy who married/adopted/is best friends with a black person because surely he can safely address problems about race from a conservative viewpoint without being called a racist. Right? Nevertheless, if you’ve watched him in hostile interviews with mainstream media, he has a Trump-level ability to smoothly take the media’s gotcha-questions and twist them back at the media to their own embarrassment.

The final fireworks of Milo’s popularity were: violent riots at UC Berkley to prevent his last speech, an invitation to appear on Bill Maher’s show for a debate, an invitation to deliver a keynote address at CPAC, and a forthcoming book about free speech which was Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Book – on preorders alone!

Milo (if Dishonest)

The other opinion on Milo’s rise to notoriety is that he was a plant designed to make movements on the right look bad. Other than initial coverage of GamerGate, he didn’t write much about technology despite his job title at Breitbart. His depraved predilections and brash vulgarity would seem to contradict his being a popular speaker for the right to seek out as a speaker at colleges and CPAC. Was someone on the left funding his campus visits in order to embarrass and denounce those on the right?

A Suspicious Fall from Glory

Milo was crushed in the public eye in less than 24 hours on Sunday night and Monday morning, 19 and 20 FEB2017.

A group called the Reagan Battalion published heavily edited excerpts from a year-old Youtube video making it look like Milo endorsed pedophilia. Jake Tapper of CNN shortly thereafter chastised CPAC for having invited so awful a man to speak at their rally, and Milo was promptly disinvited by CPAC. Hours later, Simon & Schuster cancelled the book deal. The next day in a press conference, Milo announced his resignation from Breitbart in order to protect the integrity of their work.

If you look at Milo as a dishonest leftist plant to discredit the right, why would they crush him when he was doing so well? Why not wait until after the CPAC speech so they could tar all of CPAC?

If you look at Milo as honest about who he is, then his is yet another scalp claimed by the establishment to stop Americans from noticing how much free speech and other rights they’ve lost over the last few decades.

Here’s where the takedown starts to stink. Jake Tapper was revealed in the Wikileaks emails to be in close coordination with the Democrats. His pouncing on CPAC was suspiciously quick. An anonymous journalist leak to 4chan early on Monday morning (look for ID: UQ3+mU2r in the thread) gave an inside scoop on the move and motives and that folks should expect a steady drumbeat of ‘Milo the pedophile’ and ‘Milo must be disinvited from CPAC.’ He also mentions journalists working to gather dirt to take down many other strong right figures like Ann Coulter, and even mentions Alex Jones of InfoWars as a whole other beast in their eyes. Hours later, CPAC caved and disinvited Milo.

I’m not giving purchase links for this one…

Simon & Schuster strangely grew a conscience and apparently walked away from their quarter million dollar advance on a book that was the #1 Bestseller on Amazon before it was even released. Strange, given that they still list the controversial book about oral sex orgies, “Rainbow Party” in their catalog since it was commissioned by a Simon & Schuster editor in 2005, and still recommend it for 14 year olds to read. I knew some bookstore owners back when it came out and remember their shock and revulsion at the recommendation to shelve it in the kids’ section. How a business that is fine with trash like that would suddenly say no to all that money they were going to get via Milo (despite knowing about his personal vulgarity) baffles the mind.

And who is this “Reagan Battalion” that kicked off the whole event? The Daily Dot did some digging on this organization which appears to be a conservative news aggregator. They found ties to an independent presidential candidate in 2016 named Evan McMullin, from the NeverTrump movement, boasting of approval by the Reagan Battalion and ads from the Reagan Battalion promoting McMullin, though they deny any connection today. What’s more, the Reagan Battalion website contained links implicating it as a reformation of the Stop Donald Trump PAC which backed Rubio during the primaries, registered with the FEC by a leading Democrat activist, and their former website redirects to a page for a large Democrat grassroots activist group nicknamed as “The Tea Party of the Left.” But all those connections are formally denied.

As to Milo’s actual comments, in the full context they are not nearly as bad as the edited video made it seem, though they still embrace a level of depravity. Yet compared to a liberal darling like George Takei or Lena Dunham (please don’t click either link unless you have a strong stomach), Milo’s comments were positively milquetoast.

Full Circle

The Milo story is a lot to digest, I know. How does this point to an establishment? Because it is one recent and fresh example out of many possibilities (I’ll touch on a few more later) through which we see collusion (aka conspiracy) of supposedly independent media groups and the subjects they cover to push political agenda via GamerGate (echoed in several other entertainment and media fields), now being repeated again at the national level with collusion between mainstream media sources and politicians. We see NeverTrump elements who push supposedly conservative causes (like National Review and other “conservative” publications who were heavily critical of Trump) and candidates (like Rubio from the “Gang of 8”) teaming up with far left Democrat elements to destroy those like Milo who point to the crumbling American values and freedoms.

Establishment as an Evil Twin

To help get the point across, here’s a thought exercise for you. In the world of Christendom, there are many different factions of Christianity. There are some players of titanic size like the Roman Catholic Church, many players of moderate size like the Lutherans and the Southern Baptist Convention. And there are countless small players like all those dedicated but independent churches who do not answer to a formal authority structure.

It is easy enough to state that the Pope of the Roman Catholic church is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of Christendom. But just because an evangelical witnesses to a man waiting for an airplane, it does not mean that his actions were somehow directed by the Pope himself and are a key move in the Pope’s plan to make the world Christian (or Roman Catholic). It doesn’t even mean the evangelical answers to the Pope or gives the slightest thought to the Pope’s motives and desires.

So think of progressivism or globalism or leftism (Alt-Left) as an evil twin of Christianity. Many of its followers act with religious zeal. They even burn heretics (today called racists, or sexists, or homophobes) by doxxing them online, SWATting their house, and pestering their employer until the offender is unemployed and unemployable.

George Soros is likely one of the biggest players. In his league you also have men like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Ted Turner, and various billion-dollar corporate CEO’s who increasingly run their company more like a leftist PAC than a business (Amazon, Starbucks wants to hire 10,000 refugees?, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Starbucks + Un-Vetted Refugees = Alt-Left Terrorists that HATE America.

Below that are various major and minor politicians, and at the very bottom all the everyday agitators who write fact-free newspaper columns or get paid to show up and protest some event or cause. Just because a bunch of journalists conspired to direct a false narrative in GamerGate or the Hugo award controversies or the coverage of Trump, doesn’t mean they answer directly to Soros or even know what he thinks. But does the sum action at the bottom rungs serve the goals of the top players? Certainly. Sometimes, the top players may have paid $33 million to terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter, and sometimes they merely benefit from downstream effects as the mob pushes their religion of bigger government with a heaven-on-earth goal of one world government.

Ultimately, “establishment” consists of individuals or groups currently holding power over large numbers of people and are working to further grow and consolidate that power. Another case in point would the recent revelations on CIA Vault 7 (emphasis mine):

The agency’s hacking division freed it from having to disclose its often controversial operations to the NSA (its primary bureaucratic rival) in order to draw on the NSA’s hacking capacities.

… The CIA had created, in effect, its “own NSA” with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.

What we’re looking at as “Establishment” isn’t simply the powerful globalists or the “Deep State.” It is every individual and group working to grow the size and power of government and grow the size and power of the “Establishment.” It doesn’t matter if they are RINO or Democrat or a NeverTrump Conservative talking head or a lowly government bureaucrat trying to preserve his job and make it more important than it really is.

Tomorrow: Part III: Establishment Gain from US Demise