Here we capture a wealth of other resources which don’t fit neatly in any category above.

Bonus reading…

Everything but the kitchen sink…

  • On the all-encompassing end, we have the excellent “Freedom in The 50 States” index by Cato Institute. Everyone should give this resource a close look. There are so many different freedoms catalogued and calculated that it staggers the mind. Not a lot of time? Just look at the default calculations and executive summaries for each state. Going to spend some time planning your relocation? Dig in and create your own custom ranking based on only the freedoms you care about.

Raising a Family

Currently growing your family? Planning to start a family? These resources highlight key factors affecting whether you get to raise a family the way you think best.

  • Looking for a place to feed yourself and your own spiritually. Check out our resource page which helps you find a solid church in the Redoubt.
  • Want the freedom for your children to be born away from hospitals pressuring you to comply with unnecessary procedures solely to reduce their exposure to liability? Check out our page on Birth Choices to become aware of risks and solutions.
  • Want the authority to decide which vaccines your children will get and when, rather than having one-size-fits-all medical treatments mandated on your loved ones? Take a quick look at our resource brief on vaccine laws.
  • Concerned about your child’s education and committed to taking on the responsibility yourself? Great. Your children will benefit from your hard work. But will the local laws help you or hinder you? To find out more, take a look at the homeschool laws resource page

People Facts

  • Interested in finding out more about the people in a locale prior to visiting? A tool designed to provide insight to local businesses about the local customer base can tell you a great deal about the locals in a zip code. Strong opinions about what sort of folks you’ll fit in with? The free version of this tool will reveal the tip of the iceberg on people facts in an area. Dedicated researchers can upgrade to find out everything there is to know.