In my recent article about why we removed that eastern strip of WA and OR, I mainly focused on problems in WA. But recent news and older news shows why OR isn’t much better.

The recent hubbub in Oregon surrounds a man who has recently filed a freedom-of-speech lawsuit against the state for fining him for describing himself as an engineer.

Basically, this man was trained as an engineer and previously worked professionally as an engineer before moving to Oregon, but is not a “registered” engineer in Oregon because he has never practiced his trade there.

The man’s wife received a red-light camera ticket a few years ago. He saw a problem, spent a year collecting and analyzing data on red light cameras (on his own time and for free), and even got in touch with the man who wrote the original formulas in 1959 on which stoplight timing is based. The problem? Timing formulas are based on driving straight through the intersection and don’t account for slowing down when in a turn lane. To skip a red-light fine in a turn lane, you’d need to gun it like an audition for Fast And The Furious. Turns out the original equation guy loves the new work and encouraged the Oregon man to keep doing his research.

When he presented his results to the State, they cracked down on him for describing himself as an engineer, since he wasn’t registered as such in the state. They didn’t care about all the data he collected highlighting a safety problem in their traffic laws; they simply slapped him with a $500 fine for calling himself an engineer.

What’s more, his year of collecting data on his own time for free was called, “engaged in unlicensed engineering work in Oregon.” (Most licensing laws require you to receive pay in order for it to be described as work…but not so in Oregon!)

Last, the state board legally prohibited him from publishing or presenting his findings to anyone else.

Say, you’ve got a lot of equations there. Got a permit for using them?

The law firm who jumped in to represent him for free pointed out that this is not an isolated incident.

“Oregon’s engineering board fined an activist for publicly criticizing a power plant. They fined a retired guy who wrote to complain about home water damage. It’s even launched an investigation based on a political ad.

Under the First Amendment, you don’t need to be a licensed lawyer to write an article critical of a Supreme Court decision, you don’t need to be a licensed landscape architect to create a gardening blog, and you don’t need to be a licensed engineer to talk about traffic lights. Whether or not you use math, criticizing the government is a core constitutional right that cannot be hampered by onerous licensing requirements.”

Go Oregon!

But they’ve been like this for at least two decades. Here’s a blast from the past!

Back when our nation was arguing about whether Obamacare was magically going to cure all Americans for free like that ending of Matt Damon’s SJW-lecture-passed-off-as-a-sci-fi-movie flop called Elysium, Oregon already had state-run insurance and euthanasia laws and death panels and everything.

This hack job was all that my worker’s comp insurance would cover, since those greedy 1%’ers living in paradise [just like Matt Damon] won’t share their magic miracle healing machines which operate at zero cost.

Back in 2008 in OR, a 64 year old woman’s lung cancer came out of remission. Thank goodness she had state-run insurance, right?

They sent her a thoughtful letter explaining that the drug which might help her cost $4,000 a month, but a doctor-assisted suicide would only cost $50, so they’d only cover the latter. I mean, why pay to let her live an extra 6 months if she’s going to die anyway? What a waste, right?

Maybe Obama was thinking of her case, when on June 24, 2009 he suggested that for these old folks they ought to skip those costly surgeries and opt for painkillers instead as their untreated illness kills them. Hey, it’s not like the bleeding-heart liberals are heartless. They’ll help you die painlessly!

And Oregon has been practicing this at least since the mid-90’s. If you’re looking for a place to retire to, you might want to skip this state.

What else can we say? 5th highest income tax in the nation?

Oregon…there’s just no good reason.