Nuclear War Imminent: US Prepares To Strike North Korean Missile Sites?

The following report centers around China getting involved with a nuclear exchange after the US attacks North Korea. Maybe North Korea really is a trap that leads to a full scale world war? Who knows. I do partially disagree but let’s here from the world’s expert Joel Skousen (the renowned author of the Strategic Relocation book we all have). Don’t you have a copy?

He is interviewed below by Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Thoughts: Take a serious look at the fall out map we have posted BELOW the Video? Can you see how safe the American Redoubt is if you’re located in North Idaho or N/W Montana (the real Heart of the Redoubt)?

Have you stopped prepping!? Come on folks, we are not in for an easy ride. Now is the time to be doubling down on your preps and find that cabin in the woods you’re sure to need sooner than you think.

It’s seriously time to get your affairs in order as 2017 is going to end with more than one bang folks!

Here is the Fallout Map we were discussing above the video.


Northern Idaho and N/W Montana are the safest in the American Redoubt! Courtesy Halcyon Maps