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Northern Islands of Refuge

Northern Islands of Refuge

From Chaos to Freedom

How the Lakes, Rivers and Bridges of the American Redoubt create islands of Refuge

If you hail from a metroplex crime-scape like San Francisco you know that bridges, rivers and lakes are a pain to commute around when you have places to be. Tolls, accidents, inconsiderate drivers, and of course traffic jams all create the illusion that these natural and man made features of the landscape are but mere annoyances, slowing or stopping us from being productive in our daily lives. This far from the truth.

Here in the American Redoubt these features give us our abundant recreational activities and are the KEY to the success of REGIONAL SAFETY plans to us Northern Redoubters!

As you look forward to your own Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt, one of the many facets of your criteria will be the location of your property. Regardless if you’re planning to be a full time resident of the American Redoubt, or like many before you, purchase a bug-out property that can be used for an immediate use, you’ll need to go through a lengthy decision process to determine the right location.

There are so many factors to discuss regarding the most important facet of a Strategic Relocation, that we will simply cover the Overall Safety / Defensive location selection criteria based upon the lakes, rivers & bridges of the far northern region of the American Redoubt (North Idaho and N/W Montana). We will visit and evaluate other safe regions of the Redoubt in the future.

Regional Threat Assessment

The main threats during a major collapse or disaster will be from Seattle and the Spokane / Couer d’ Alene (CDA) metroplex regions. Threats from neighboring Missoula and Kalispell are to be considered, however they are much lower than the major threats from much larger cities. Spokane, Post Falls, CDA, Kalispell and Missoula have a combined estimated population of 380,000 and this is not counting the population of the outlying counties each city lies in. Above, we can see how the local lakes, rivers and bridges create islands of refuge from mobile threats such as refugees (bio-threats / plagues) and criminal gangs and marauders during a collapse. There are approximately 17 bridges that can be used to stop travel and limit access only to those that have business in the protected regions. The Red and Blue regions above delineate safe zones where you may consider purchasing your retreat property.

In the Map below the Red arrows show possible avenues of approach to the region.

Safety Rating for Northern Idaho Regions

Northern Idaho, like N/W Montana has two major safe regions (or zones) along with many micro-locales that provide additional safety due to localized terrain features that will be covered in depth in a blog post. For those that need to purchase property in Region C, we highly recommend purchasing an acre or two of vacant land in Region A, as a fall back rally point. There are four major crossings which will be key to the safety of Region B properties; Usk, WA (1) / Newport, WA (2) / Priest River, WA (3) and the ‘Long Bridge’ at Sandpoint, Idaho (4). The Sandpoint area is a spectacular four season mountain town to live in and around, however, it’s the first line of defense to stop threats to Region A, north of Bonners Ferry. We have not covered crossings on Railroad tracks and hydro-electric dams (normally foot and limited small vehicle accessibility), however, these are of concern that will be discussed in a later blog post as well.

The map below shows the overall Safety ratings for Northern Idaho and N/W Montana.

Safety Rating for Northern Idaho Region A

Far Northern Idaho, in and around Bonners Ferry offers first place for safety in the Northern American Redoubt Region. There are a total of four bridges with two major crossings over the Kootenai River which will be key to the safety of all properties; The main Highway 95 bridge at Bonners Ferry (2) and the 468ft tall Moyie River bridge at Moyie Springs, Idaho. This bridge and checkpoint will be key to establishing control of the Hydro-electric dam on the Moyie River. Bonners Ferry acquired its own hydroelectric facilities in 1921 and expanded it several times; three powerhouses about 1000 feet downstream were built in 1921, 1941, and 1982, and their combined output totals just under 4 megawatts. Bonners Ferry is one of only a few select Idaho cities with its own municipally owned hydropower source. The Copeland bridge (1) stops any threats that sidestepped the Bonners Ferry checkpoint. There is a set of small bridges over the Moyie River at (4) that create a tiny island northward.

The map below details the Rivers and Bridges that create one of the best ‘Islands of Refuge’ in the Northern Redoubt.


Safety Rating for Northern Idaho Region B

Bonner County in Northern Idaho is the home of Sandpoint, Priest River and a host of other smaller towns and communities offering the best local / remote access to various services for those that don’t want to or can’t be too far away. A series of small bridges over the Priest River (4) heading north to Priest Lake raise the rating of the far reaches of the micro-locale to AAA. Plentiful water highlights many properties on the 30 plus mile drive to Nordman and the National Forest. One way in /out binds the local community tightly and makes for a great retreat area. Priest River proper and the Selle valley, although beautiful, are too close to possible threats, but make for great mini-farms and ease to town. The eastern side of the Selle Valley rises into the Cabinet Mountains through several noteworthy drainage’s that offer great defensive and fallback positions when SHTF. The Pack River drainage is also a one-way in/out retreat area, with some of the best snow machine trails in the region and the gateway to the Selkirk Mountains. Southern Boundary County offers retreat property just north of the strategic McArther Lake ‘S’ turn (5) offering excellent southern exposure on most properties and a short jump across the BF bridge (6) to the safety of Region A.

Map for Northern Idaho Region B

Safety Rating for N/W Montana Regions

With the Kootenai River flowing from Canada and making its way west to Idaho and then back to Canada, Northwest Montana may well be one of the safest regions in the entire American Redoubt with hidden gems in tiny micro-locales. Mini Mico-locales such as the Yaak and West Kootenia are special places and provide the ultimate in remote and peaceful living both before and well after any major collapse event. You’ll probably never know the world has ended there!

Map of the Mystical N/W Montana Prepper Havens!


For more detailed information please contact Survival Retreat Consulting.

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