Every week it seems there is a new article out about the threat from North Korea. They’ve got nukes, they’ve got missiles, and they’ve got satellites. What should you do?

First, we should consider the nuclear question. Are you concerned your area might get nuked? Go look at our resource on that. Play with the nukemap. Try hitting a few targets with the Korean weapons. Pretty small, right? Try it with the Tsar Bomba. Much bigger blast radius and fallout plume, but still not that big compared to the sheer expanse of American land. This is why nuclear nations stepped away from big bombs and now prefer to use multiple warheads at a medium size. Decent blast size, multiplied by many blasts at once.

Is North Korea going to get one nuke over here? Perhaps. But if you play with the resource maps above:

  1. How much damage can one blast do? Not much.
  2. Are you living at a prime target?

If North Korea can only send one nuke and you are living at likely target number one, why are you still there? Even if North Korea can launch enough to hit their top 5 or top 10, are you in the blast zone?

America is huge. And while nuclear weapons are the biggest destroyers known to man, they are still pretty puny compared to the vast expanse of America. The initial nuclear hit won’t be of concern for most of America. If that includes you, then you actually need to plan for a different scenario, like EMP, or societal collapse.

EMP Protection

You’ve probably seen the EMP warnings at least once a month, especially if you read WND. The latest is by Chuck Norris himself, pointing out the more significant risk if a small nuke is used to create an EMP blast.

How do you protect yourself from EMP effects?

First, do you have natural water sources? Do you produce your own food? EMP isn’t going to stop springs and mountain streams. It also isn’t going to impact your gardens or your livestock. If you don’t have these things yet, the first step of survival preparedness is to acquire them. An EMP blast might set you back to pioneer technology, but if you have food and water, that’s an excellent start.

How about those of you who don’t want to lose electrical power? Can you protect yourself?

An excellent free resource on general EMP theory and hardening techniques can be found here. It even gives some tips on how you can test small EMP shield setups right now, and make sure you know what you’re doing.

For the in depth survivalist, there are three books still available by the electrical engineer Don White. He spent a lifetime researching EMP protection and advising government on his findings, and these books were the beginning of an ambitious project to create a library of all he knew. Sadly, he passed away less than a year ago. His business has been shut down, and the websites are closed. There was no one to carry on his torch. But his books are still in stock at Amazon. Buy them before they are gone forever!

Get your copy here.

Be warned. I compared some of the negative Amazon reviews to the copies on my shelf and found that the problem looks like folks were looking for a step-by-step retrofit plan. These books will equip you at a design-level. They work through EMP principles, shielding principles, shielding types, and then various shielding applications, complete with full depth engineering charts, tables, and equations. If you can work with technical information, these books will equip you to design and build your own EMP solutions. It’s like being the architect, instead of hiring an architect or buying a premade plan.

This first, published in 2013, was meant to be first in a multivolume encyclopedic series on EMP protection. It is “EMP: Protect Family, Homes, and Community.” This one goes through some community-level ideas for EMP hardening, but also includes the nuts and bolts of shielding for various applications (foundations, walls, rooftops, penetrations, well pumps, and more.)

Get your copy here.

It has a lot of overlap with the next book, published in 2014, titled “EMP Protecting Housing & Solar.” This one goes into a bit more robust detail on shielding applications. If you buy only one, this would be the one for the solo survivalist to get.

This one also adds in many vendor references which you can look up to buy specialized gear or testing or consulting services for EMP. Funny, the various vendors for whole house surge suppressors and filters are located in the American Redoubt. I’ll have to look them up.

The tips on EMP protecting your solar setup are crucial as well. If the grid goes down, what good is EMP protection if your power production is fried?

Last, in 2015 he published a book focused on EMP protection at a national level, titled “EMP Protection Plans and Options.” This would be the book to get if you have a decent network or community of like-minded individuals who want to pursue EMP protection for a larger area than just your own retreat. It’s not going to save us from an EMP blast this year, but if news articles about the USA weakness to EMP attack concern you and you think we should be doing something about it in the meantime, hopefully hardening as much of our grid as possible before it is too late, then this is the book for you. While it does briefly cover some of the same single building hardening techniques, the national level thinking is greatly expanded from mere comments in previous volumes.

Get a copy here.

Like I said, the author has died, the businesses are closed, and the websites are dead with the exception of the one I linked to above. When this stock of these technical books sells out, they are gone for good unless you can find them used somewhere, so don’t wait.