So the governor of the US territory of the Virgin Islands has just taken a page from the hurricane Katrina government playbook of 2005 and directed the national guard to seize all private firearms and ammo, “for government use.”

The second amendment was suspended in New Orleans and private property was confiscated, most of it never to be returned. The US Congress actually passed a bill in reaction to the Katrina seizure banning further similar incidents, but either the governor of the Virgin Islands didn’t get that memo about new federal laws, or else the 2nd Amendment does not exist in the Virgin Islands. Since the NRA sees enough ground to file a lawsuit against the governor over this action, apparently the Virgin Islands are supposed to have 2nd Amendment and private property rights, which the governor finds inconvenient.

The seizure is purportedly for the purpose of equipping the National Guard to fight the disaster… because apparently the government did not prepare with such basics as firearms or bullets for the National Guard? What have they been spending the tax dollars on?

You can read the exact order on the links to the Daily Caller article.

Unfortunately, a disaster or emergency like a hurricane is precisely when citizens need their firearms the most, because the police and civil forces are unavailable to protect people due to high involvement in search and rescue operations. So not only will the government not be coming to help the citizens on the outskirts of the disaster, they will also be stripping you down to a prime target for looters and other opportunist criminals.

The Redoubt may be smogged out right now by smoke from Canadian forest fires and all-time-record-setting US drought, but this would never happen out here. Constitutional issues tend to pass the state legislatures with unanimous bipartisan support. Even if a rogue governor decided to ignore all existing laws, as the Virgin Islands governor appears to be doing, who’s going to collect the guns in the Redoubt. I bet it has one of the highest guns-per-capita in the US along with one of the highest rates of people trained to use their firearms and people willing to use them to defend personal freedom. Who do you think rural sheriffs and local cops are going to side with out here? Some far away bureaucrat who forgot that this is America? Or Joe down the street whose daughter is in the same Sunday school class as the cop and is more than willing to let folks try and pry his cold dead fingers from the trigger?