In response to requests we have added a new resource to help our readers locate and compare schools in the American Redoubt.

This new resource can be found in our resources menu under “Other->School Ratings”.

The new resource allows readers to search an area to find out about public schools, private schools, and charter schools in the locale.

Methods of search include:

  • Enter a property address and find out what school covers that address.
  • Search by a city or zip code to find schools in that locale.
  • Pull all listed schools for a specific city.
  • Pull all listed schools for a specific school district.
  • Pull all listed cities or school districts for a particular state.
  • Find properties for sale nearby a favored school.


If you have or plan on having children and school quality is a concern to you, the School Ratings resource is a must!

If homeschool is more for you, check out our other resource for what you need to know about homeschooling.