With all the hot news on North Korea’s latest nuclear tests and the fear about who in the USA might be at risk, we’ve created a new resource page to help our readers assess nuclear threats to an actual or hypothetical retreat location.

The new resource page is titled “Nuclear Effects” and current filed in our resource menus under Resources->Defense->Nuclear Effects.

We offer links to two useful resources for this analysis.

First is the “NukeMap” which lets you visualize bomb blast damage and effects on a google map. It can also model fallout plumes for a particular weapon, but which way does the prevailing wind blow?

To answer, we link to a second resource which plots a live animation of prevailing wind forecasts, which is a step up from our previous fallout maps. The wind map pairs well with NukeMap to plot the likely direction of the fallout plume for a specific weapon, and so gives you a more specific analysis of possible nuclear risks.

Check the new page out, and use the linked resources to see if you are at risk from North Korea’s ambitions.