We’ve added another resource our readers requested: identifying the nearby medical facilities. If you’re planning a relocation, or wondering if there are other options in your vicinity, give this one a look!

Our new “Medical Care” resource can be found in our Resource menu above, under “Other Resources->Medical Care”.

No matter who you are or what your situation is, an important factor of preparedness is knowing how far to the nearest urgent or emergency treatment.

We’ve broken it down into three different searches for three different types of facility depending on your needs.

  • The first search answers the big question: “Where are the nearest hospitals?”
  • The second search covers those urgent-but-not-quite-ER-needs: “Where are the local Urgent Care centers?”
  • Lastly, we provide a link to the VA resource for our veterans and any needs they might have which require VA support.

If you need to know about medical facilities as you plan a relocation, we’ve now got you covered!