Good news! We’ve just added a resource page (under Other Resources) to help folks find a solid church in the Redoubt!

The way we break it down is by two methods of approach.

First, you can find a good church via various databases of church associations which focus on a particular idea or doctrine. Most folks know of one or two such associations of churches. We’ve highlighted seventeen which are likely to bring solid, Bible-focused results. The Redoubt has low population density, which is a huge strategic and safety advantage, but also means it has fewer churches listed online. So looking through as many databases as possible from our highlights will help ensure several choices in your area.

Example results…


Second, online searches aren’t going to cover 100% of the good choices out there. So the second option is asking locally when you visit an area. This will turn up many churches without a web presence; churches which may be excellent options to attend and learn and make connections.

So, if you’re wondering where you could go to church in the Redoubt, give this resource a look!