Hey it’s Rogue Infidel here! Let’s take a short break from doom and gloom and watch something extreme!

The FIRST video is a Bank that uses Cheese for collateral! Who would have “thunk it”…The SECOND video is…well…just watch. The videos come from the website ‘Great Big Story‘ and they have many different genres. Some from the Left, Right and Center but all of them are interesting, even if we don’t agree with them. Enjoy some down time, and hide from your boss, always…then escape the the Redoubt!

Maybe we need a Bank in the Redoubt that accepts ammunition for deposits and uses it as collateral. Peachy.

Oh, I found a THIRD video about Fake Money…you’ll love it. See, when you live in rural America you can chill out from Prepping every once in a while and have some fun, grab a refreshment and watch Red Dawn….what a great idea. See ya!