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Musings of a Rogue Infidel: Terrorism, War & the Economy for 2017

I’m not a genie, wizard or all knowing A.I. being, however I do have a touch of common sense and my gut tells me the rest. These predictions are just that, my views on what’s going to unfold in 2017-18 or round about that time. Are you laughing yet? You may not be in a minute! Oh, and the Redoubt Analyst wants to assure our readers that he has nothing to do with this rant, so don’t blame him if nothing happens. Just kidding…sort of.

When will ISIS attack again on US Soil?

1. Coordinated ISIS inspired attack on a large amusement park (or international airport) in CONUS: Feel free to send me hate mail about ‘giving ideas to the enemy’, really? Anyway, the attack may involve dozens of fighters and unfortunately take the  the lives of over 500 Americans including children. What’s more sickening than that? The next prediction.

The Alt-Left use the attack as momentum to push massive gun control and then negotiate the funding for the border wall and repeal of Obama care in exchange for the passage of the gun ban. Trump has no choice but to move center-left to do whats ‘best for the country’; “Stop immigration” (the wall) and “remove the weapons of mass destruction” (the ban) and “take care of Americans” (health care).

I admit, this is a bit far fetched, but I don’t trust the Deep State not to “get to Trump” on guns, sorry. Hundreds of dead children all over an amusement park (or airport) is tough to defend, especially if you realize that the establishment Republicans are Trump’s enemy as well. Wake up Patriots, Trumps administration is NOT what we all think. Just wait. The Alt-Left will either move to ‘control him’ or move him out of the way like we have already predicted in our in-depth article. Kennedy was a strong man and he knew he was going to die and he stood tall anyway, but I don’t think Trump can withstand the pressure.

Alright, now that your’e reaching for your black rifle let’s move on.

North Korea is a trap?

2.Trump engages North Korea with air and ground forces: After the Deep State fabricates a provocation by one side or the other (whichever is more convenient and believable). Maybe it’ll be an accidental discharge or a small attack by a ‘crazy’ South or North Koren soldier, maybe another ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident. Or maybe Trump will just say ‘F*** it’ and attack them straight away. You never know with this cat.

The Deep Sate will make a move to bring the US into a ground war in North Korea. Only the US will participate, as the EU has their own problems. Unfortunately, we will loose thousands of service-members, but the US will not likely be subject to a nuclear attack by North Korea.

The only way that this could happen is for the Deep State to launch their own nuke (inside job) and claim it was North Korea. It looks like they don’t have the technology to hit the US without outside help, although they may be close. You get the point, another ‘9-11’ attack. That’s the only way. More on that in another wild ranting…

China? They’ll sit this one out for now, they know Trump is unpredictable and will stand by. The world bankers will use China when they need them against us, but not now. Or, is this a trap?

3. The economy begins to take a slow dive in the late fall 2017 and is in free fall by spring/summer 2018: North Korea has turned into another Afghanistan, after hundreds of thousands of ex-North Korean soldiers blend into the countryside and begin to attack our US peacekeepers. Yes, the defense industry is booming, but our homeland begins drowning brought on by a series of fast interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve (private banking cartel) and the derivatives market collapse.

Well, that’s enough ranting for the first musing, until next time keep your powder dry and piss off a liberal.

Μολών λαβέ

The Redoubt Patriot (aka Rogue Infidel)