Welcome to the Musings of a Rogue Infidel.

What is this rant all about?

As you may know the Redoubt Analyst is a highly educated former military officer whom is the Senior Editor and gatekeeper of the American Redoubt blog. He is the machine behind this website taking my middle of the night ideas and wild rat-hole projects and turns them into what you see, from the Resources section that is ever expanding to help you all make your move to the American Redoubt to insanely in-depth articles about a myriad of subjects. Nobody could do it better, especially with babysitting me and ensuring that I don’t post something too outlandish.

Who am I? Well, I’m Redoubt Patriot. The hard charging yahoo that came up with all this insanity you so much enjoy. So, in order to quell the insanity this ‘post offering’ will be my platform for anything and everything politically incorrect and taboo. Plus it keeps the heat off of the Redoubt Analyst, we need that guy around you know…

We will cover subjects from the deep state, SJW’s, new world order, 9-11, gun control, religion, race relations, terrorism, sushi, my failing workout routine and everything in between I can think of to piss off the alt-left liberals. Nothing is off the table, nothing. So be prepared to laugh, be enraged, or simply never read it again, but what you’ll never get from me is pandering. I call it like I see it, with facts (thanks Redoubt Analyst) to back up my outrageous musings.

So, here is a disclaimer that will probably be in front of my writings for a while, so read it now and please email my writings ‘bcc’ to any of your SJW family members just to piss them off, or you boss or co-worker too!

By the way, my personal views are just that, personal. They don’t reflect the integrity of the American Redoubt site or its mission. Thanks. RP

A worthy note from The Redoubt ANALYST (aka Senior Editor): When you see posts with the preface of “Musings of a Rogue Infidel” they are the rantings of the Redoubt Patriot. You see, he is never allowed to publish a post without my approval for reasons you’ll quickly see. He is like a free range chicken with a bad attitude. He has absolutely no tact, basic table manners, prudence, temperance and he doesn’t consider the consequences of his words, nor do we think he actually would care anyway (thus the reason for locking the publish button on his WordPress account). However, what you’ll gain from reading his musings will be the cold, raw, burning truth about some more than likely politically incorrect and taboo topic. So, please address all hate mail, death threats and other good tidings direct to the Redoubt Patriot as I won’t have the time or patience to sort thru them all. Keeping that in mind. Enjoy!


And I was like “Merica’ hell yea!”