We have gathered all the Resources you’ll need to plan a spectacular mountain biking trek in the American Redoubt!

Depending upon your expertise level and your need for downhill danger or just a nice ride in the woods the Redoubt offers it all.

The resources below cover a large range of Mountain Biking choices from ‘Rail to Trails’ (mostly easy rides) to our favorite ‘Single Tracks’ which highlights beginner to ‘Black Diamond’ runs where you’re sure to need a paramedic if you crash!

We have also provided links to the Ski Resorts that offer Summer Downhill and Cross Country Trails!

All of the resources are in this one page, so be sure to read all the way thru! Enjoy!

Single Tracks w/ Pro membership

This website is the holy grail for mountain bikers. It contains a huge database allowing premium members ($25.00 a year) to have unlimited Topo map access with marked trails that can be used on mobile phones (w/ GPS) or downloaded and printed for those off grid trail rides. It’s notable that anyone exploring getting into the hard core mountain bike genre to purchase a Satellite phone. Even if you’re not a hard core downhill rider, there are trails that take you well into the wilderness where the chance of injury or animal attack may require carrying of the correct communications gear and equipment such as bear spray (we carry firearms depending upon the trail).

Here are some screenshots to show how this website operates (with Links below for each state for your convenience).

Single Track Pro Version

Idaho Trail Directory

Montana Trail Directory

Wyoming Trail Directory


Sample of the Montana splash page. Trails galore!


Sample of the Details Page for a trail ride.


Sign up for the Pro account. It offers a great value proposition to serious riders!


Rails to Trails Conservancy

The RTC has a fairly nice database of  ‘Rails to Trails’ all over the country.They also seem to have some nice Mountain Bike trails as well, but this resource should really be used to create a nice family outing where everyone can enjoy the trip, especially with younger children. Normally the trails are flat to slightly sloping, as they used to be railways, so they will be a pretty easy ride. We have provided a history of the RTC below along with screen shots and links.

RTC serves as the national voice for more than 160,000 members and supporters, 31,000 miles of rail-trails and multi-use trails, and more than 8,000 miles of potential trails waiting to be built, with a goal of creating more walkable, bikeable communities in America.

Our national office is located in Washington, D.C., with regional offices in California, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Since 1986, we have worked from coast to coast, supporting the development of thousands of miles of rail-trails for millions to explore and enjoy. We’ve helped craft rural trails that spool out over a hundred miles of open prairie, snake through mountain passes, span canyons and hug riverbanks, offering views of the countryside often unknown to the highway traveler. We’ve been a part of the connections between towns and suburbs, linking communities along vibrant corridors in much the same way as the railroads did in their heyday.

RTC’s mission, and its value, is magnified in urban areas, where one mile of trail can completely redefine the livability of a community. Where trails are more than just recreational amenities, creating opportunities for active transportation and physical activity—improving our health and wellbeing—as they safely connect us to jobs, schools, businesses, parks and cultural institutions in our own neighborhoods and beyond.

And, through our promotion of rails-with-trails—trails alongside active rail lines—we are now unlocking the true potential of transportation systems that reflect how people really get around in the 21st century.

Read more about the origins and history of RTC.

Idaho RTC

Montana RTC

Wyoming RTC


Idaho RTC


Montana RTC




The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route!

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is the most recognized and important off-pavement cycling route in the United States, if not the world. The route crisscrosses the Continental Divide from north to south starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada and finishing at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

The GDMBR, developed and mapped in 1997 by the Adventure Cycling Association, is approximately 2,700 miles long and is considered to be the birthplace of bikepacking as a sport. The route follows the Continental Divide and is 90% off-pavement using high-quality dirt roads, gravel roads, trails, and a few short sections of unmaintained tracks. Bikepacking the GDMBR requires only intermediate off-road mountain biking skills, but it is a painstaking test of endurance based on the sheer scale of the route, with over 200,000 feet (60,960 meters) of elevation gain and loss. The GDMBR is routed through a cross-section of the American West defined by spectacular scenery, a variety of landscapes, historic mountain towns, and boundless remote wilderness. Highlights include the Flathead Valley in Alberta, Grand Teton National Park, the Great Divide Basin in Wyoming, South Park, Boreas Pass in Colorado, Polvadera Mesa, and the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. Colorado’s Indiana Pass, at 11,910 feet (3630 meters), is the highest point on the route. Throughout the route riders encounter wild river valleys, remote mountain wilderness, open grasslands, high desert, and towards the southern end of the route, an amazing span through the Chihuahuan Desert.

The route is best known for the Tour Divide, an annual self-supported race. In this event, the race clock runs 24 hours a day and riders are allowed no outside support other than access to public facilities such as stores, motels, and bike shops. The record time to complete the Tour Divide is 15 days, 16 hours and 14 minutes and was set in 2012 by Jay Petervary. The Tour Divide has been raced and completed on both single speed bicycles and tandem bicycles. The race, which has neither entry fees nor prizes, usually starts in the second weekend of June.

The ultimate endurance off road race!

Ski Resorts offering Summer Biking!

This is NOT an all inclusive list. Some resorts offer summer trails, but information is sketchy at best. In such cases simply use SingleTracks.com resource to fill in the gaps.

Click on the links to visit the Ski Resort’s specific page on Mountain Biking!


Schweitzer Mountain (N. Idaho)


Silver Mountain (N. Idaho)


Brundage Mountain (Central Idaho)


Bogus Basin (Southern Idaho)


Sun Valley Mountain (South East Idaho)


Big Mountain (N/W Montana)


Montana Snowbowl (Western Montana)


Great Divide Mountain (Central Montana)

Not much info on this downhill basin, although they do offer summer riding it’s best just to call. Located outside Helena, Montana.


Bridger Bowl (S/W Montana)


Big Sky (S/W Montana)



Jackson Hole Bike Park

Jackson Hole (Misc.)


Grand Targhee Bike Park

Snow King Mountain

White Pine Resort

Region Specific Articles and Resources on Mountain Biking

We have searched and found a few unique articles (and some history!) that may help you envision what life on the trails is like in the American Redoubt.

The 15 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Montana

Mountain Biking the Flathead Valley, Montana

Mountain Biking Missoula

Helena Montana Mountain Biking

Ride, Soak, Repeat: A Day in the Life on the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route

The Buffalo Bike Soldiers’ Epic Trek Across the West

Easy One-Day Summer Adventures

The Lowdown on Jackson Hole’s Burgeoning Mountain Biking Scene