I was surfing around looking for some information about our locale here in North Idaho and I came across this spectacular video that details what Sandpoint, Idaho is all about (and North Idaho!)

If you’re truly looking to make a Strategic Relocation away from the Alt-left Sanctuary Cities, take four minutes of your day (yes, you can hide from your boss) and watch this amazing video.

It’s been 11 years since we left the crime-scape of the San Francisco Bay Area, and we don’t regret a single day! We rest easy knowing our children (especially our daughters) won’t be subjected to liberal indoctrination and are far away from the pedophiles (citizens and politicians), illegal alien felons (rapists & murderers) and of course the radicalized Islamic terrorists (foreign and domestic) that are all harbored in the sanctuary cities by the treasonous politicians.

Flee the City and embrace FREEDOM! Where children and young folks wear their pants above their butt cracks and respect the Police!

Warning: We are not responsible if you quit your job, pack the rig and come to the American Redoubt, in the next 24 hours…

You can visit the official Sandpoint website HERE for more great information!