So you’ve probably seen the news everywhere about the latest mass shooting. Calls for tighter gun control are sure to follow. There are two key warnings to take to heart in this.

Looking across the newsfeeds, InfoWars appears to have the most detailed coverage not being spun.

Basically, some leftist senior citizen took Democrat calls for violence in the streets seriously and showed up at a congressional charity ballgame with a semi-auto rifle and the goal of killing as many Republicans as possible. He put some in the hospital before police put him in a body bag.

Also, Mike Cernovich did a great service by capturing all the man’s Facebook activity by Facebook rushed to bury the evidence. See for yourself what the guy was all about.

Noteworthy: He was a fan of SPLC which also inspired another would-be shooting rampage over Chik-Fil-A.

Warning One: Hatred

This is the less obvious but more important one. Over 2000 years ago it was recognized that carrying hatred in your heart for someone makes you a murderer (see the book of Matthew, chapter 5).

If you spend every day killing someone in your mind over and over, you are desensitizing yourself to the violence and are more likely to cross the line into taking action than someone who is not mentally practicing murder.

I’ve watched Democrats and various other evil leftist groups tear apart everything that is great in this country for decades, but I can honestly say I’ve never harbored murderous rage toward any of them specifically or in general. I think they need to be removed from affecting the public and kept in a snowflake safe space with coloring books, but I don’t wish them any real harm. I’d just like them to leave me alone and let me decide the course of my own life without them stepping in to tell me what health insurance I must buy or whether or not I’m responsible enough to own a firearm.

I just don’t understand at an experiential level the mentality from which leftists make statements about wishing folks who disagree would die or be murdered or that their spouses will be raped.

Before hearing the news today, I had cracked a joke about how maybe the best thing to do with all these leftist elites and politicians would be to run a special series of “Survivor” and release them into the urban utopias they had created, like the Bronx or something, and see how long they last in the midst of all that tolerant diversity. We all laughed, and no one made plans to actually achieve such a thing.

I don’t fear most conservatives who are carrying concealed firearms (which is nearly everyone I meet in the Redoubt) because they don’t tend to be filled with hatred. I fully expect that even the guys who talk with a lot of bravado about brandishing their guns if this or that ever happened to them would actually only resort to violence after every other possibility had been exhausted. And even then, they would seek minimal escalation.

There is the odd one whose constant topic of conversation is rage and anger about how the government is screwing us over now, and I give those a wide berth just as I do most liberals. But on the conservative end, that is the odd exception, not the norm.

But take a look at some of these leftist media posts in the wake of it all.

CNN defends that the attempted mass-murderer was not evil.

WND captured quite a bit of the aftermath. Here are some of the gems:

  • Left-wing writer Malcolm Harris, who has a book contract with Little, Brown of New York, tweeted: “Hearing ‘David Duke without the baggage’ Steve Scalise is stable, but a lot of Americans dies from hospital errors so keep crossing your fing [sic].”
  • And: “If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?”
  • And: “Nope nope nope you can’t use ‘respect for human life’ to defend GOP house leadership. That’s just bad math.”
  • A former prosecutor from Scalise’s home state of Louisiana, Sonia Gupta, tweeted: “Before you start dropping to your knees to pray for @SteveScalise, remember that’ he’s a racist piece of s–t and hateful bigot.”
  • Daily Kos founder and Vox Media co-founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted, “Republicans are getting what they want.” (That was in response to a 2016 tweet from Judge Andrew Napolitano: “Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!”)
  • Activist and media personality, Tariq Nasheed, appeared to support the shooting on Twitter: “So Rep. Steve Scalise, who once spoke at a white supremacist event sponsored by David Duke (google it) was SHOT today in Alexandria.”
  • Technology writer WaltIsFrozen tweeted, “Maybe if it’s Republican politics being targeted now today’s attack may have a silver lining.”
  • Someone calling himself Leon Trotsky tweeted: “Alexandria is the direct result of Scalise’s votes and teabagging karma. This is what you vote for trumpsters. No whining.”
  • Charles Oakley tweeted, “Well that KKK f–ker deserved it.”
  • CT tweeted, “If Sandy Hook didn’t make those NRA whores aka Republicans do anything, this won’t either.”
  • And Resistance zone tweeted, “Good thing Rep. Steve Scalise works in gov’t, otherwise that bullet would wouldn’t be covered under mean #AHCH/#TrumoCare bill!”

On top of all that, someone sent a chilling email to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., with the subject line: “One down, 216 to go …”

Leftists are filled with hatred and murderous rage. The same ancient wisdom I reference above (divine, infallible wisdom for those who follow Him) warns “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.” Also, “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.”

When I hear leftists venting murderous rage in person or on social media, I make note to avoid them, or consider them hostile targets when Civil War II finally breaks out in full force. This is because their words reflect what is in their hearts, and with those words they are seeking to create their own reality. (What do you think all that trans-stuff is about?)

But check yourself. Does the news fill you with hatred? Or does it merely inform you so that you can take a wise course of action, like fleeing the city and setting up a more self-sufficient and self-reliant type of life?

Warning Two: Lawlessness

This is why the gun control argument is junk. I have personally spoken with leftists who celebrate lawless behavior among their elected heroes. And an old business maxim is that you’ll get a lot more of what you celebrate.

I have also met folks who think it is totally okay to cheat on an election because this election is so important and the intended wonderful ends justify the questionable means.

So, if laws were passed that said it is totally illegal to have a gun capable of harming another human being (because guns are evil but not attempted mass murderers), should I trust that the folks who celebrate openly lawless behavior and have no shame in saying they would cheat at our civic process would totally obey the law when it came to those evil looking guns? Or would they more likely toss the law aside like they do on most other things, get the most evil-looking gun possible, and act out their murderous hatred toward anyone who disagrees that we should pay for everything in their life?

Why should I trust the man who celebrates and uses lawlessness to follow the law when it comes to his own favored gun control laws? Sounds more like a way to make sure a law-abiding individual like me is disarmed, so that the leftist can be sure he has the upper hand when he is moved to act on his seething hatred for those who happen to disagree with his views.

I try to follow the law as best as I can and would encourage readers to do the same because it is a fundamental necessity of civilization. If we cannot trust each other to follow the laws we bind ourselves to, we are reduced to barbarian anarchy. But the leftists show again and again they are more than happy to tear down civilization any time it does not conform to their illusions about reality.

Beware of hatred.

Beware of lawlessness.

Beware the leftist.