For our LEO readers out there looking to find a more secure location to live and work, check it out!

Looking to Flee the City and work in a safer environment where you can be a Peace Officer and help your fellow citizens? How about a place where folks will slow down and make sure your ‘code 4’ on your traffic stop in the middle of the night on a lonely back road? Where your actually respected and not spit on and scowled at? A place you can work in the community and actually be a part of it too.

Come to the Redoubt!

Come live and work in God’s Country!

Bonner County is the second most northern county in Idaho. It is far less populous than Kootenai County just south which contains the large city of Coeur D’Alene, but not as remote as many of the other neighboring counties in Idaho or Montana. It’s a good location for those wishing to escape the big cities, but who would not do well living hours away from the typical amenities of a medium-sized town.

Northern Idaho offers a lot for survival planning and sustainability due to abundant water resources, thus water rights are not hard to obtain and food is easier to produce, particularly since the winter is far less severe than to the east or south of the Rocky Mountain range. Learn more about making a Strategic Relocation at SRC!

Remember as you read the flier below, it’s not always about money, but it will be about FREEDOM!