So the USA is quitting UNESCO over its recent policy moves. Its great to hear that the US is acting in accordance with its words, but the quotes from various national leaders show what good leadership looks like.

It is commonly said, “All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” Unfortunately, many strains of so-called conservatism and Churchianity are in fact a religion of “niceness” which tells those concerned about the good that to fight evil is “not nice” and we need to sit down and be quiet. Those who tell you to not fight for what’s right, and instead sit on the sidelines and carry on a dialogue while your opponents acts as quickly as possible are effectively working for the opposing side.

The news of interest can be seen here. UNESCO stands for UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. It is the UN committee tasked with preserving world history. And it is on a six-year spree of significantly rewriting history.

First, after accepting Palestine as a member state, UNESCO began pushing resolutions for the Holy Land to re-designate various sites important to all the Abrahamic faiths as solely Muslim sites. Last year, they finally succeeded in getting the Temple Mount of Jerusalem (holiest site for Judaism but 3rd holiest site for Islam) to henceforth be referred to in Muslim names only. The resolution was brought by seven Muslim nations, and ignores 3000 years of factual history.

They went on to declare the birthplace of Jesus as an “Islamic” heritage site. Bethlehem is a big deal for Christians, but Jesus is seen in Islam as only a lesser prophet compared to Muhammad.

Now, UNESCO has just passed another resolution in a 12-3 vote declaring the Cave of the Patriarchs (burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah). The only name on that list that matters to Muslims is Abraham since they trace their descent through Ishmael, Abraham’s other son. So it sounds like a pretty important site for Jews and Christians, but the UN says it is now only important to Muslims.

Overall, it is obvious on the surface that these moves are not about sites that are genuinely important to Islam, but about washing away any non-Muslim claim of interest to the locations.

Real Leadership

Unusual politicians possessing a spine. Where can we get more like this?

Israel’s leader, Netanyahu, had some pretty harsh comments for the UN about the moves. Some of the things he said:

  • That’s worse than fake news, that’s fake history.
  • It’s true that Abraham, the father of both Ishmael and Isaac, is buried there, but so too are Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca – Sarah is a Jewish name, by the way – and Leah, who just happen to be patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people. You won’t read about that in the latest UNESCO report. But if you want to, you can read about that in a somewhat weightier publication. It’s called the Bible. I highly recommend it. I hear it even got 4 ½ out of 5 stars on Amazon. And it’s a great read. I read it every week.
  • The theatre of the absurd continues at the UN.
  • Today UNESCO adopted its second decision this year denying the Jewish people’s connection to the Temple Mount, our holiest site for over three thousand years.

    What’s next? A UNESCO decision denying the connection between peanut butter and jelly? Batman and Robin? Rock and roll?

     Is it any wonder the UN has become a moral farce when UNESCO, the UN body tasked with preserving history, denies and distorts history?

Israel went on to cut a significant amount of funding from UNESCO. The US is also acting in accordance with its beliefs, by quitting UNESCO over “anti-Israel bias.”

If Democrats were in charge, they’d emphasize how important it is that the USA and Israel continue to pony up all the funding cash and participate in UNESCO even as their interests are blatantly attacked, because it’s so important to “have a seat at the table.”

Rather, current leadership is willing to make strong and sarcastic comments, and spend money in accordance with words. And despite the slight overlap between pro-Israel sentiment and Conservative/Chruchian positions, I’m sure there are still conservative talking-heads wringing their hands an wishing Netanyahu would have been more polite.

Folks who shoot their allies in the back are not actually allies. They are enemies and need to be purged from your organizations.

Isn’t a group better off with leader willing to actually fight, in words and deeds, for the beliefs of the group?