Trump Assassination Leads to US Civil War & Invasion!

Is this likely to be a headline coming soon to the USA? Is Trump the JFK of our generation?

The article is extremely in-depth covering almost 22,000 words and is broken into 10 posts to allow the reader to digest the information each day over a full week and a half.

The Series starting tomorrow will cover such questions as;

  • Does an “establishment” group exist; a group interested in preserving the bureaucratic system as is; a group of elites we might call the political class or ruling class or bi-factional party?
  • Does this establishment have something to gain from a collapse or a fundamental transformation of America?
  • Does Trump’s populist nationalism that propelled him to victory oppose the gain of these elites?
  • If the choice is put to Trump, is he more likely to change and play along with establishment agenda, or continue to be a rebel and a thorn in their side?
  • If the answer to the first three are all “Yes,” and the fourth is that Trump will not change and play along, then is assassination the option of choice for elites to remove him?
  • If Trump were assassinated, would it lead to civil war?
  • In the chaotic time of Civil War II, would foreign powers take advantage and invade the US?

Also, prior to working through this logical chain we will address a question at the front of many people’s minds, “Is this just a bunch of wacko conspiracy theory lunacy?”, or is this 1963 all over again?

See you tomorrow!