This is the perfect example of how the mixture of political correctness, disarmament and unfettered immigration repays an entire country.

I wonder if the Brits wish they had a Redoubt to flee to as ISIS Celebrates the Parliament Attack?

I was reading an article from the BBC stating that 82% of the law enforcement personnel in the Britain (in 2006 poll) didn’t want officers to be routinely armed even though many of them had been in life threatening situations themselves.

In New Zealand of all places, (and I’m sure that the Brits would agree) after studying whether to arm all officers they decided not to based partly upon the following considerations; Editor’s comments in (  ).

• risk of police having weapons taken from them (Uhm…It’s called TRAINING)

• risk of greater use of weapons against the public and/or offenders (The point is to shoot the offender, or is it to give them a safe space?)

• and ambush can never be controlled, whether or not officers are armed (What?)

Here is what one British citizen said about arming police;

“I was previously injured badly in an assault. My colleague and I feared for our lives – thankfully other officers came to our aid. I don’t think a gun – or a Taser for that matter – would have helped us in that situation. Communication is one of the best tools, and to be honest, having a gun could make an officer feel over-confident.”

The attack today would not have ended differently for the pedestrians that were driven over by the terrorist, but the lonely police officer that was stabbed to death could have saved his own life if he was armed. Once again liberalism is directly responsible for the MURDER of a Police Officer.

Oh, and London has a ‘Muslim Mayor’ now…’s that working out for you?

Anyway, back to the point of the headline. Let’s hear it direct from Paul Watson. You have to love this guy, he says what we are all thinking!